Insecurity of meritocracy


It is no denying fact that Sindh has been governing by PPP since 2008. Since then, Meritocracy is unexpectedly flied away in Sindh. Mostly recruitments has been done either by political-base, nepotism, favouritism or by demanding of remuneration. Recently, a huge-number of jobs in education department is handed over to IBA Sukkur for recruitment of best-candidates on the merit-base. But what is matter of great concern, is feeling of insecurity of meritocracy. In Sindh, Poor and middle-class people have greatly been disappointed by Sindh Government in the matter of meritocracy. Sindh needs merit-based atmosphere where all can participate without any partiality, doubt or discrimination.

Our Constitution (Article 27) also discourages discrimination in services on the basis of race, religion, caste, creed or sex. Thus Government of Sindh and High of Sindh should play their important role in recruitment process on pure merit. Sindh is already victim of politically-appointed teachers in past. They resultantly give a setbact to our literacy-rate. Education is the future of nation. So High Court Sindh and her Chief Justice Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Sahb should lead this recruitment process and ensure all candidates about meritocracy.

Imtiaz Essa Halepoto



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