AJK PM Raja Farooq vows to hold power second time


PATIKHA, (Parliament Times): The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that government is determined to hold  free ,fair and transparent elections in Azad Kashmir but no one  will be allowed   to play with the rights of the people .Addressing a big public meeting  organized by the Muslim league (N) here on Saturday  he said  Kashmiri have been struggling for the achievement of their fundamental right to self determination and the future of Kashmir will  be decided by the Kashmiri,s  themselves. He made it clear that no one will be allowed to interfere in the general  election  in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan episode will not be allowed to repeat in Azad Kashmir.

He made it clear that there is no provision of caretaker set up under the constitution of Azad Kashmir and he will remain in power till the new Prime Minister takes oath of office. He said the government will strongly resist any move to change   the status of  Azad Kashmir and  will not allowed to make  Azad Kashmir a province of Pakistan . 

Referring to the achievement of his government  he said after coming into power a comprehensive development policy was chalked out to provide education, health and communications facilities to the masses and opened a door of progress and prosperity in the state. He said Muslim league (N) was established in 2010 and within a shortest span of period  and as a result of team work Muslim league (N) has become a  biggest party of the state and expressed the hope that his party will set up  next government in Azad Kashmir in view of our performance.  The Prime Minister thanked the generous financial assistance extended to  Azad Kashmir government by the former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as a result of which mega developmental projects were completed by the government for socio economic wellbeing of the people of Azad Kashmir. He particularly lauded the leadership   and dedicated role of AJK Minister Noureen Arif  to serve the people of Kotala area.

 The meeting was also addressed by the Secretary General of Muslim league (N) Shah Ghulam Qaider,Minister for Industries Noureen Arif, PWD Minister Choudhary Muhammad Aziz,Minister Health Dr. Najeeb Naqi Khan,Education Minister Barrister Iftakhar Gillani and Choudhary Shehzad Mehamood.


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