AJK-based Christians celebrates Christmas with full religious zeal and fervor


Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK),   (Parliament Times) :  In Azad Jammu Kashmir, Christmas, the birth day of Jesus Christ (AS) – the religious festival of Christian fraternity, was also celebrated in AJK including all three districts of Mirpur division on Friday with full traditional religious fervor and devotion and with the renewal of the pledge to continue fanning the teachings of Jesus Christ (AS) for maintaining complete harmony, brotherhood and love and affection among the humanity.

The Christian community in the area prayed through special prayer services for the progress, prosperity and sovereignty of Pakistan and the freedom of Occupied Kashmir from long Indian subjugation. They prayed for the unity, solidarity, progress and prosperity of Pakistan coupled with the renewal of the pledge to perform an active role for the stability, progress and prosperity of Pakistan side by side the majority Muslim community of the country.

Special Christmas ceremonies were held at various places in Mirpur district including the local Municipal Corporation hall under the auspices of Christian Welfare Foundation the central organization of local Christian community, with the coordination of the local social welfare and public representative organizations of the local Muslim population to celebrate the Christmas with great enthusiasm and devotion and religious zeal and fervor.

The ceremonies were also attended by large number of people from classes of the Christian community. The venues of the ceremonies were beautifully decorated with colorful buntings and banners. Special gifts were distributed among the children and the social workers

Addressing the ceremonies, speakers – the leaders of Christian Welfare Foundation including Paster Naveed Qaiser, Supreme Head of the Foundation Younis Bhatti, Elder Perveiz, President All Minorities Forum Mst. Saima Basharat and others said that the Jesus Christ (AS) gave the message of love and affection and tolerance, which, they added, is required to be observed by all classes of the humanity to establish peace and harmony across the globe. They said that all segments of the society shall have to work collectively above the religious difference for the sake of safety and eternity of the humanity.

Speakers vowed to lend all of potential and capabilities for the speedy progress, prosperity, solidarity and integrity of the country and promoting and maintaining complete harmony and brotherhood among all classes of the society.

Bhatti, also the Executive Member of National Council of Christian said that minorities including Christian community in the country including AJK were enjoying full liberty to perform their religious rites and other obligations – since they were enjoying an excellent life coupled with all benefits along with other fellow-countrymen.

Younis Bhatti called for immediate establishment of a Christian Colony for homeless local Christians besides the reservation of site for the establishment of grand Church in Mirpur district. He said that although the AJK government has accorded approval for construction of both the projects in this district – but both the much-need projects were being made the victim of traditional red-tapism at the hands of the concerned lower revenue department staff most particularly the ‘patwaris’, he alleged

The AJK CWF Chairman said that his organization was striving hard for the uplift and welfare of the Christian community inhibiting across AJK including Mirpur division. Chairman Christian Welfare Society said that his organization prepared an integrated Christian community welfare plan by proposing to the government for early establishment of an exclusive graveyard for the Christian community in Mirpur, elderly people, widows, recreation projects for welfare of children, youth, women, and most particularly for the physical growth of the sick including handicapped persons belonging to the local Christian community. The plan also primarily involve special attention for the promotion of the role of minorities to encourage the efforts for boosting the interfaith religious harmony in the healthy society.

Participants also offered special prayers for the speedy progress, prosperity and security and stability of the country and early liberation of occupied Jammu & Kashmir from the Indian clutches..


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