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School bus:   The school bus is the basic need of any school, college or university which provides students the facility of transportation. However, the students have not to endure the disturbance of transportation when they are facilitated with their own bus of school, college or university. And, it would not be wrong to say that everyone will consider reaching on the time the first acceptable priority. Sadly, the Government Boys/Girls High School   Winder(GBHSW), Lasbela lacks a single bus. The students who come from very far areas are compelled to sustain the public transportation. It has been a rule of public transportation for students to manage themselves on the ceil of buses since they are travelling by public transportation which can definitely cause the loss of precious lives. Though, it is hardly accepted, but how about this, when students reach at school, so the classes have already been tought for periods. By the way, the Government Boys High School Winder (GBHSW) previously owned a bus, but recently that bus is rusted out. Finally, a humble request to the government of Balochistan and all concerns to take action about the very issue. -Shabbir Ahmed Bezanjo Lasbela Balochistan.

Start following SOPs: The Covid-19 pandemic has left nothing in the entire world. Recently, the Former Judge Arshad Malik died due to virus. He was under treatment at a private hospital for the last three weeks and had to be placed in a ventilator and passed away in a private hospital in Rawalpindi. We are sure everyone is at great risk of coronavirus fear. So it’s our basic duty not to see it’s harmful impacts just a joke that wouldn’t make us killed. So be very careful for following the SOPs. -Barkatullah Turbat

Lethal wave of covid: As the situations of covid got a bit softer, people and government got inadvertent about following the health guidelines, believing the pandemic is going to be over but the result was unexpected. The carelessness brought the second wave of corona which is even more lethal than the first wave. Additionally, Pakistan reported over 10,000 coronavirus cases at 20 October. The second wave has risen up just because the restrictions were lax and most of the people did not followed the guidelines like wearing mask, regular use of sanitizer and social distancing rather there occured large gatherings which ruined the social distancing. If again the same carelessness is showed then it can be massively harsh to bear covid-19. The guidelines must be followed to eradicate the second wave. Large gatherings or things that make rush should be skipped and people should to try to sit more time at home. -Farah Farooq Turbat.

Gwadar Fencing Project: Lawyers in Balochistan have claimed that the decision to fence Gwadar was a conspiracy against the province and its people. Munir Kakar, the vice-chairperson of the Quetta Bar Association, told a joint press conference with the Balochistan Bar Council on Saturday that the decision would be challenged in the Balochistan High Court and that strikes would  be staged across the province. “The Center thinks that after the fence is erected on Gwadar, they will overcome it but we will not allow that to happen,” the lawyer said. “You cannot seal a city to protect it.” Kakar said people in Gwadar do not have access to clean drinking water but funds are being spent to fence the city. On Friday, Senator Mir Kabir Mohammad Shahi spoke against the fencing during a press conference. He said that a fence was being erected around Gwadar in the name of Safe City project. He further said that this was a conspiracy to separate Gwadar from Balochistan. Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan said that the opposition claims that the whole of Gwadar is being fenced off. He told reporters after a ceremony on December 11 that barbed wire had been laid in some areas to provide extra security. -Fatima Imam Baksh Turbat.



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