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Rawalpindi,  (Parliament Times)  (PRESS RELEASE ) :Since the International job market is constantly changing and technology-driven careers are becoming more and more popular, our youth is in high demand to learn latest IT and professional skills if they want to rise to the occasion, said Chief Executive Officer of Knight Human Management (KHM) SHALAAN Pakistan, an agency working to protect rights and jobs of overseas Pakistanis.

He was addressing to a youth assembly who sought career counseling in KHM School of Arts and Design here on Wednesday.

“No matter what field you choose, having certain career skills can increase your likelihood of success”, he advised the students. He said the skills and the professional competencies most in-demand could be helpful in selecting a career path for you. Among some of the most valuable modern skills, the film making and editing is one of the top which is in high demand at international level. “The School of Arts and Designs, keeping this very demand, started the training in same discipline”, he added.

Mr. Khalid Nawaz said that in the global job market, the demand for manpower equipped with modern IT and professional skills is growing steadily. This demand is offering us to implement the Prime Minister’s announcement of millions of job opportunities for our youth. But to take advantage of these opportunities, he said, we must focus on bringing our public and private training institutions up to the date with modern training facilities.

“Business, industry and commerce, medicine industry, agriculture and other sectors are changing rapidly around the world and the need for modern IT skills to run their affairs has also changed the career requirements of the youth”, he mentioned. Khalid Nawaz advised the youth to seek the most demanding skills if they want to secure and advance their career standing apart from other candidates in the world job market.

He said apart from modern film making and editing skills, which are in great demand at home and abroad, the School of Arts and Design of KHM is also offering latest and advanced skills in cloud computing including web design engineering, networking, filing and storage of data and other related skills. He said that in this regard, the government should take initiatives to bring innovation in the relevant technical institutes run by the public and private sector and creates facilities in them which would be able to produce world class professional and technical skilled manpower. If we offer modern IT and professional courses to our educated youth for a period of one year or less keeping in view the modern skills requirements for employment in world job market, then there is no reason why the announcement of millions of jobs by Prime Minister Imran Khan could not be proved true, he concluded.


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