Hazardous shrubs along Sujawal to Jati routes


By: Kamran Khamiso Khowaja  

Sujawal: The thick growing shrubs on the main road that leads to Sujawal- The district’s headquarter from the coastal town of Jati has made the traveling miserable. Besides causing hurdles in travelling , those dense shrubs were also posing a dire threat to the lives of drivers and transporters.

“It becomes hard for me to drive at night as well at day time, these thorny bushes have put our life at stake”; said Ramzan Mallah, a driver who carries passengers daily from jati to Sujawal in a Suzuki pickup

The heavy winds during the winter cause the branches of the chunky bushes to fall on the road which leads to blockage of the main road for hours.

“In these circumstances, accidents are inevitable 24/7, we have been left on the divine mercy by the high ups of the area; said a resident.

The growing boughs of those bushes have impinged the road while the deep roots stretching below ground have developed cracks on the recently renovated road.

Residents of a nearby village who did not want to be named told that; they had time and again approached the higher authorities for doing away with this issue but every time they received a tepid response on the part of higher authorities.

An elderly figure of the area told this reporter that; in the past, these thick shrubs had remained hideout of notorious bandits who used to wreak havoc in the area at night, but by the passage of time those delinquents were removed from the scene but their hideouts could not be uprooted.

People of the area collectively demanded uprooting of those shrubs


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