Effects of social media


Farahnaz Farooq Ahmed
Social media is one of the wonders of the present age. It is also used by every individual like the rest of the aspects of technology and science. Moreover, social media helps to spread knowledge. It expands globalization and bring countries and friends closer,but recently social media is being used too much which is wasting time , energy and creating mental issues. Even though, social media can be very productive to facilitate human beings,if used properly,but due to over usage it is only causing side effects. It is a immense loss for countries and families since  students are being influenced by social media incredibly. Instead of focusing on education, students are busy at using social media. In order to use social media students are all the time engaged with phones which causes anxiety and mental health problems. Furthermore, for any kind of assignments students take all materials from social media that finished their own creativity. Owning to social media misunderstandings between friends and countries are the burning matters. Apart from this, social media also causes security challenges. It is a big source of terrorism and extremism. Many terrorist groups have previously used social media to recruit terrorists, and many people use it so as to blackmail others and get money from them. Besides, harassment of woman on social media have become a very common crime. Women are sexually assulted by philanderers, uncivilized people and more shockingly, by the civilized people too. Therefore, women feel too insecure to pursue education and use social media with their original identifications. Once a wise man said no technology is good or bad it’s the way in which we use the technology. Similarly, social media can be very helpful to facilitate human if used with a particular way. Rules and regulations are required to streamline social media. Nevertheless, government should play it’s positive role in this regard. Schooling and parental counselling can also play a massive role in order to make social media productive. At last,if social media is misused or over-used, it can become very hazardous for society and secuitry of a nation as it becomes a source of social evil and extremism. Nonetheless, if used with proper technics, it is agreat tool to spread knowledge, peace and security at national and international level. Social media must be used when needed.

(-The writer is student in Bolan English Language Center Turbat.)


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