Book Review; True Believer, a romantic book


Zubair Ari

True Believer is one of the heart-touching and romantic novels of a famous author, Nicholas Sparks. In his collection, he discusses different kinds of things in life; like love, journey, and true believer. However, Sparks has nicely described the story with his beautiful convincing, and attractive power of writing. This book got published in 2005. The Book generally talks about Jeremy Marsh, who is a scientific journalist and belongs to America. The book has many characters; the main characters are Jeremy Marsh and Lexie Darnell. When Jeremy Marsh started his journey, his first wife Maria divorced him because he could not do anything and did do love her as much. He was also a part of the media elite. Consequently, he refused and left his wife and began his journey. During his journey, he met with a beautiful girl named, Lexie Darnell, who was a librarian and granddaughter of the psychic of town. Jeremy Marsh started his love when he had migrated from New York City to Boone Creek town; to explore the tale of ghosts in the cemetery as well to write an attractive article about it. Whereas, he kept visiting the library where she was working so as to make more contact with her. From that day on, their love-story initiated. They loved each other from the bottom of their hearts. Even though Jeremy Marsh told his entire compliments to Lexie about his wife who divorced him. Because Lexie Darnell was a very kind woman who always liked to help everyone. And after that Jeremy Marsh began his true relationship with Lexie Darnell; a happy relationship in a small town (Boone Creek). He got the companion of his life for traveling in a tiny town as well as spending a good life in the city. One day she became pregnant and told her husband. Jeremy Marsh became excited and joyful. But hurtfully, while Lexie Darnell was giving birth to her child, she passed away. From there the whole lamps were given to the ghosts and his entire life got dark. The book as well concludes with Lexie Darnell dying at childbirth. Ultimately, it is an interesting and mind-blowing book which completely brought changes to my life by showing me how to create relationships with others_ be it in my town or the other towns and villages. And when you start reading it, you will be inspired as I was while reading this book. Nicholas Sparks deserves to be read time and again.

(-The writer is a ex-student of Government Atta Shad Degree College Turbat, Kech. )


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