All-weather strategic partners meeting in Parliament House


Islamabad,  (Parliament Times) :  The chairman senate Sadiq Sanjrani and Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong met in the Parliament House yesterday and discussed bilateral relations and issues of mutual interests. The Chairman Senate said that the long standing relations between Pakistan and China are now involved to the new era for the economic and social development of the region. Pakistan is always proud of her exemplary friendship with best friend China. He also said that the exchange of parliamentary delegations has further enhanced the bilateral relations. Parliamentary diplomacy plays an effective role in strengthening important bilateral ties. “Institutional support between the two countries needs to be further strengthened and further strengthening of bilateral ties at the grassroots level would further strengthen the long-standing partnership”, he said. The senator further stated that CPEC is the result of a common vision for the strengthening of fraternal relations and regional development between the two countries. CPEC has the potential to embarrass the dream of not only the region but also regional prosperity and development. Chinese Ambassador Nong Rong while appreciating the vision of the Chairman Senate, said that Pakistan is a significant country to China. Both countries share a common vision of development and prosperity and the CPEC project will make the region a hub for international trade.


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