Students of Thatta and Sujawal districts reject Medical Entry Test Results



By Kamran Khamiso Khowaja

Thatta/Sujawal: {Parliament Times} Alike other students of Sindh the students of Thatta and Sujawal Districts have also cried foul and slammed the result of the Medical entry test announced by PMC. They have claimed that this result is cooked up to please a particular class of Students.

The test paper was a hard nut to crack, the questions included in the test were not part of our syllabus; said Ali Sher, a student narrowly failed to make it

The ratio of students passing the medical entry test from Sindh is 33% which is less than other provinces of the country including Gilgit Baltistan.

“A student of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was declared passed with 187 marks on my roll number; Said a student Mohammad Umer of Mirpur Sakro

Fresh students as well as improvers had attached high hopes on account of the new policy announced by the government following the pandemic but their hopes shattered when the results were announced.

The results were uploaded on the website of the Pakistan Medical Commission on December 16 but were removed soon on the grounds of overt flaws. A day later the results were uploaded again but those results did not prove encouraging too for the students of Sindh.

Students had undergone emotional distress after the shocking results, steps needed to be taken promptly to save their future; said Ramzan Memon, a journalist, and social activist.

Parents told that; they would knock on the door of the apex court {Supreme Court} if the government failed to provide relief to their children that had been deprived of the right to education

Senior Journalist Mahebob Brohi Said that; A protest would be held along with parents and the students against the injustice done to them


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