Save Folklore of Sindh


Jokhio Jasarat Ilyas Sindhi
Languages are creatures of man and there is a vast variety of lingua all around the world. Folklore is the basic root of any language as described by the eminent linguistic-experts. Folklore does not only focus on language but also covers history, geography, linguistics, traditions, culture, economy, ethics, literature, psychology, medicine, civilization and various other subjects of popular studies which have been traditionally coming into the generation after generation to upcoming pedigree since centuries. In other words, it can easily be said that Folklore is the basis of civilization and culture. Unfortunately in Pakistan, there is sufficient budget specified for the promotion of languages either national or regional which are spoken  throughout Pakistani but, there is no any kind of focus has been paid on Folklore treasure literature of Pakistan which is so rich in the cultural diversity of nations, habits, traditions, civilizations, customs, lifestyles, seasonal variations, agriculture and various other components. Sindh, is always ancient in terms of civilizations and culture is of course, being rich in folklore traditions and literature as well, is on the top of list among all provinces in terms of Folklore literature but, it is so sad that up to 16th December 2020, there was not any kind of good attention of Government of Sindh paid towards the betterment and saving the great folklore of Sindh. Indus valley is ancient, its literature is also very ancient. For this, it was written by historians that Sindh Government is not doing anything for the promotion of Folklore, later it has been noted that a man from Moen-jo-Daro (The Great Indus Valley Civilization), named Ajiz Rehmatullah Lashari, finally initiated the country-wide drives to preserve the folklore traditions throughout Pakistan in general and across Sindh and Balochistan specially. He is the founder of veteran association of Folklore people called “SALAT” of “Sughar” in Sindhi and launched various missions and published many books but, Government of Sindh has not seen any of his virtue as it should be given repentance to his works and literary services. Every year, on 16 December, his Folklore organization named as “SALAT” celebrates “Sindhi Folklore Day (Lok-adab Day)”. Actually veteran Sindhi international writer Dr. N.A Baloch got birth on this day, which was then celebrated by SALAT as “Lokadab Day” in his memory. The Government of Sindh must support such initiatives as recently, an international Folklore expert Dr. Kamal Jamro died previously last week; he was a symbol of love and a loud voice against all resistances in the pathway of folklore of Sindh. Dr. Jamro published various books and research articles in which he proved that “Sindhi Folklore” is the mother of Sindhi Literature. Historically, Sindhi literature is nothing without the poetic compendium of Shah Abdul Lateef Bhittai and as per Ajiz Rehmatullah Lashari; Shah-jo-Risalo is full of Folklore poetry. Therefore, the Government of Sindh must support all folklore experts, poets, writers, readers, orators as well as create institutional development in their favor so that we may serve the Indus valley Sindhi language which is very rich in literature all around the world.


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