Polls held under the shadow of the gun in IoK have no credibility: Masood Khan


Altaf Hamid Rao.

ISLAMABAD/MIRPUR  [AJK]   (Parliament Times) :   President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has said that the election drama being staged by the Modi government in occupied Kashmir was tantamount to rubbing salt on the bleeding wounds of Kashmiris.

“These so-called elections held under the shadow of guns and in presence of over a half million Indian army have no legitimacy whatsoever”, president Masood said while commenting on the outcome of District Development Council (DDC) elections in the Indian held territory of Jammu and Kashmir. “Indian rulers cannot get a certificate from the Kashmiris to justify their illegal actions in occupied Kashmir under the guise of these so-called elections”, he said adding that the election drama was staged under the supervision of the Indian occupying forces who have been engaged in the killing and genocide of Kashmiris. He said that the sham poll exercise was carried at a time when hundreds of political leaders and thousands of political activists, civil society leaders, journalists and human rights activists were imprisoned.

He said that India had always engineered the elections in Occupied Kashmir and made the pro-India parties successful. The genuine representatives who represent Kashmiris’ aspirations have never recognized these elections nor do they consider these elections an alternative to referendum.

Regarding the recently formed multi-party alliance the AJK President said that this alliance has neither support of the people of Occupied Kashmir and nor have they any authority to lead the Kashmiris. “The only purpose of forging this alliance is to give a new political life to those who have always traded the honor, dignity, freedom and national support of Kashmiris with the rulers of Delhi for their power”, Masood said.

Citing a recent New York Times report on the election, President Sardar Masood Khan said that the prestigious international newspaper had also written that the election were held after detaining hundreds of political leaders and thousands of political activists seeking independence from India.


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