No Political Direction


A person who spends the entire house (Bani Gala) on his own, while also pays salaries to the home’s utility bills and employees, is known as the PM of Pakistan- Imran Khan. This definition of the PM was generated from the ‘Finance Department’ of Pakistan. Addressing the function of the federal ministers and the task of assigning them, the Prime Minister said, “I am giving my personal opinion that a new government should never assume the charge before it is fully prepared. The government should be fully briefed and comprehensive.” He says, We have been able to understand governance and couldn’t sleep properly at night for three months. There should be a regular briefing of each sector, the budget condition, for example, how much is the deficit, so that , if you hold office you should be well-informed about what agenda you need to implement. Each department should have a good briefing on what is actually happening inside. He further says that Many figures, especially for the energy sector, didn’t really know the exact figures for the year, whatever came to mind when we realized we were performing really well, but in reality, figures coming from two varied sources were always different. These were the recent general talks of the PM Khan. But, when we read Aristotle’s Ethics and the Art of leadership teachings, none of the PM’s look competent in the country. Aristotle says “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” The country Pakistan only learns how to take debts and loans and how to back them. Yes, for loans and debts, there are multidimensional aspects and causes of such practices. But, what about these circulating statements? “Imran Khan will die, But he will never ask for money, We will never take loans like beggars from America or the IMF, I would rather commit suicide, than seek a loan.”


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