Makli Necropolis a historical, cultural heritage of Sindh


Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
Makli Necropolis, one of the historical Heritage sites Sindh is known for. The Makli Graveyard is situated in Thatta one of the oldest cities of Sindh around 100 kilometers away from the metro city Karachi. Thatta that had been made the capital of their Kingdom by many rulers of Sindh during different periods of history is known across the world for its rich cultural heritage. The Makli necropolis that is considered, the biggest necropolis of the world since 1981 has housed around 500,000 to 1 million tombs, mausoleums, and graves of rulers, their advisors, their queens, saints, historians, and writes of olden times who ruled over Sindh and contributed significantly in making Thatta the city of seminars and schools. Jam Nizamuddin, Jam Tamachi, Dulah Dariyah Khan, Shah Murad Shah and Saleh Akhud are few illustrious personalities laid to rest in the historical graveyard. The archival site is also known for its architectural marvels inscribed on the tombs constructed around 500 years ago. Most of the tombs, particularly the tombs of the rulers of the Samma Dynasty are inscribed with the bands of decoration running around those tombs, from top to bottom, comprising stone-carved diamonds, lotuses, Quranic inscriptions, and sketches of different pots. According to necropolis conservative officer Sarfaraz Jatoi: “These marvels have caused the arrival of historians and tourists from across the world to cogitate over the historical backgrounds of these architectural wonders which are evident of our glorious past”. A few months ago ruins of an ancient fort were discovered at the necropolis by renowned historian and Chairman of Sindhi Language Authority Dr. Mohammad Ali Manjhi and his team after two decades of constant research and study. The fort is said to have belonged to Dolah Dariya Khan, a warrior of the Sama Dynasty who laid down his life while defending his land. Many historians of Pakistan and other countries of the world have authored books and research articles on  the historical background of the site, prominent among those are Dr. GA Allana, Dr. Nabi Bux Baloch, Dr. Manjhi, Jokhiyo Jisarat, Azmeena Arif Khan, and Dr. Kamal Jamro Time and again The Sindh Government in Collaboration with the international organization has launched different projects for the preservation of historical sites. Recently a team of Spanish architects and Archeologists have visited the tomb of Jam Nizamuddin to start renovation work on it The Historical Sites of Makli Necropolis Reminds us of our glorious past from we learn to rule the world again.


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