Letters to the editor


Existing improvements in Karachi:  Pakistan’s most populous city, Karachi has drowned due to moonsoon rain. However, Karachi suffers from record rain in a single day with many deaths. The conditions shows very accurately how rain destruction have created havoc all sides and even caused urban floodings. Recently, a statement from weather forecast stated that the city should get prepared for the next rain predictions in December. Listening this, we should think to be very serious for Karachi as previous rain disasters have sabbotaged or broken Karachi and authorities at a sleeping mode in overcoming such things. Before two months, PM of Pakistan gave a package for Karachi’s environmental development, but yet no actions taken. I request to the government of Pakistan to grant Karachi alot of improvements and projects. -Barkatullah Turbat.

Stove burning:  Stove burning is a kind of domestic violence against women. Mostly, in the southeast asian countries like Pakistan and India, multiple women suffer through it. In addition, the practice of stove burning takes different forms. Sometimes a woman is burnt alive through deliberate tampering with a gasoline stove. Other manifestations of stove burning include incidents where women are doused with kerosene oil and set on fire. Stove burning is mostly motivated by the anger over the woman’s failure to fulfill dowry demands or give birth to a male child. Well, the above reasons of are senseless to violate a woman. Such cruelties are the causes that the women in our country feel insecure and can not progress. There must very strict rules for not only stove burning but all the violences against women. The female gender can progress only if it stops bearing such viciousness.

-Farah Farooq Turbat.


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