India-Israel Ties and Implications for Pakistan

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Prof.Abdul Shakoor Shah
The India-Israel nexus has never been a mystery, but at present it is posing a serious threat to regional and national security. The Indian dream of regional supremacy and global military power has brought the restraint India closer to Israel and the US. India overlooks the public welfare and is hankering after weapon purchase. India-Israel-US collaboration has endangered regional strategic balance. Pakistan is the only hindrance in fulfilling the Hindu-Dreams; therefore India has always been striving to weaken Pakistan. The dossier presented by Pakistan about Indian conspiracies and the exposure of a fake network of information propagating against Pakistan are recent evidence of Indian aggression for regional strategic unbalancing. It seems insane that India is advised by Israel which has failed to safeguard itself even after 60 years brutality against Palestinian and the US which is decamping from Afghanistan after humiliation. India is envisaging from Israeli lens to weaken Pakistan like Arab States, but Pakistan is not a banana kingdom, it is the atomic power with extensive experience of warfare and curbing terrorism and aggression. India is remodeling occupied Kashmir on Israeli model. India must realize that Israel is living in fear and the same is the destiny of India. India-Israel Dracula is haunting for the Muslims under 9/11 mask supported by the west for labeling Muslims with terrorism. The world must realize that Kashmir is a nuclear flash point and without its solution world peace is impossible. The US wanted to interfere with other states under 9/11pretext. The US has prolonged terrorism in the name of curbing it. India-Israel must realize that violence and genocide can never bring peace and stability. Overwhelming Jewish lobby in the US has brought India-US together otherwise India has long been restraint to shake hands with the US. India-Israel ties and control of Indian Ocean has given them access to the oil world along with hindering Chinese influence. Both India and Israel are working for a third party the US on their common goal of weakening Pakistan and later on getting hold of the South Asia and the Middle East, the earlier for India and the later for Israel. The US is using India-Israel as a smoke screen for its long term interests in South Asia. Israel is foreseeing Pakistani atomic power behind Arab states which has brought India and Israel together. Where there is Israel, there is the US to safeguard its illegitimate child, that is why the US is empowering India to ensure Israeli ambitions. The US aims to counter China with India-Israel collaboration and India-Israel aims for their hegemony in South Asia and the Middle East. India-Israel-US triangle has become a Bermuda triangle    for the Muslims world. India-Israel and the US have a long history of religious and ethnic prejudices against Muslims. Indian Prime minister and Israeli foreign minister had held a two hour secret meeting before signing the 1971 agreement which is clear proof of India-Israel ties against Pakistan. India was assisted by Israel in training Bengalis for splitting Pakistan. The Indo-Israel lobbies have been and are poisoning the US ears for launching anti-Pakistan campaigns. India used the Kabul Embassy attack as a pretext to send more RAW agents in Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan. India-Israel propagated to stabilize the US in Afghanistan through Indian troops while it was a cover to launch anti-Pakistan forces for triggering terrorist attacks inside Pakistan. Kalbushan Network has long been responsible for the death tolls in FATA and Balochistan. India-Israel have been facilitating, training and equipping anti-Pakistan elements with ammunition. Christine Fair of RAND Cooperation has validated India-Israel ties against destabilizing Pakistan. India-Israel have also established pseudo Madaras in India which are run by RAW and Mossad agents under the cover of religious cover to recruit Uzbeks, Tajiks, Afghans and Caucasians young boys to prepare ideologically motivated terrorists and suicide bombers before they are infiltrated into Pakistan. That is why the suicide bombers attacking Pakistan were young boys. G. Musharaf had presented a map of Indian anti-Pakistan locations to Hamid Karzai to rein the Indian factors in Afghanistan. India is getting full advantage of absence of Pak-Israel diplomatic relations. India-Israel ties have created great concerns for Islamabad. Another aim of India-Israel is to compel Pakistan through adverse circumstances to recognize Israel. RAW and Mossad had been said to be planning to tarnish the name of ISI. RAW and Mossad had also been planning to start a surgical strike inside Pakistan and India wanted to use Israel against Pakistan. India-Israel joint Bombai attacks plot aimed to isolate Pakistan on the international front. The Indian-American community has strong terms with Jewish lobby in the US and 9/11 provided them the golden opportunity of collaboration. India is using Indian-American and Jewish stalwarts in her favor. IATF is one of the evidences. In broader context, Indian, Jewish and American organizations are collaborating to tarnish Muslims with terrorism. India-Israel ties have enabled India to get a civil nuclear deal and remove the Kashmir issue from Halbrooke. India-Israel lobbies have been successful in engaging Obama and Trump in war against terrorism, Afghan issue and Islam-phobia and distracting their attention from Kashmir and Palestine. India-Israel lobbies also propagated against Pakistan for supporting cross border terrorism. India-Israel lobbies had tried to convince Washington that Pakistani nuclear assets are not safe, but luckily they have not succeeded. India-Israel has tried their utmost to tarnish Pakistan as unsafe for nuclear assets by triggering extreme terrorism in Pakistan. The US and international community must recognize Pakistani sacrifice in war against terrorism. The US should not look at Pakistan from Indian lens rather it must enhance its relation with its long lasting ally. The US and international Community must open their eyes about India-Israel ties of destabilizing Asia and world peace.

(-The Writer is Prof. in English and Freelance Columnist, based in Lahore, Pakistan.)

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