Covid-19 in Pakistan

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Shabana M. Yousuf
Pakistan saw a significant increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Islamabad on Friday. During the last 24 hours 2,384 people tested positive first time in July. Khyber Paktunkhwa and Balochistan have together announced 462 corona virus cases. 214 people were infected from corona virus in KP. Furthermore, in Sindh many infected people have been safe from the corona virus. In Sindh province 10,614 people were tested positive in 24 hours 822 people results came positive. Cabinet Division order 50 per cent staff would have to work from their homes and not leave the stopping place . Join assistant took a decision about the 50 per cent attendance of their personal deputy on turning basis. The officer working from home may charge one official in their workplace to pick up the files carry on to them available phones. The notification said to all officers and employed to wear face masks and the one who feels sick or showing any symptoms of corona virus must immediately advice their personal head. While handling of hard files should be stopped if a hard files need to be transferred the staff should be sanitised . Furthermore, the meeting or discussion shall ideally be done through videos and by mobile phones . If a meeting is indispensable, chairs have to be managed in such a way that a distance of at least on meter must be between the participants. New visitors will not be allowed visit the office without the permission of the officers. The staff would be sanitised and also room, chairs,tables and avoid handshakes to one another in order to stop the covid-19 corona virus. According to the Punjab government people in the age of 31 and 45 are unsafe to the corona virus . Also Punjab minister tweeted ” If i make the schools off people are unhappy and if a make the school open still people are unhappy now it is dependent on the actual decision of all province minister to take a collective decision for the betterment of the country.” The report of latest study said that the younger generation is less vulnerable to virus. A senior health department official said mostly 20 or 30 ages people attend educational institutions, did jobs outside. As a result they are closed to their colleagues and fellow students . They convey virus to their elderly family members due to their entirely ignorance. Statistic shows the total cases of Punjab are 32,060 people are the ages of 31-45 group and 29,849 are from other ages. Recently, 59 people have died due to devil virus. (-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)

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