Kolwah Needs Education Facilities

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Sattar Samad
Kolwah, which is the famous place of Balochistan, have a lot of problems. But there is no any concerned authorities to resolve educational problems of Kolwah.Education is the first fundamental right of every individual. It is one of the compulsory elements of today’s world. But unfortunately’ The population is rapid increasing day by day but there is no education system at all. The government has been failed to provide Educational Facilities to the people of Kolwah.On the other hand, Children are wasting their time due to lack of education or Educational activities. People are appealing for education because it is their fundamental rights .In Pakistan others provinces are getting their rights but when we come to Balochistan there is no any facilities in schools for the students . Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan and also richest province. When it comes to development, it is the most backward province of the country. I urge to the government of Balochistan to look the every part of the province especially rural areas and provide Educational Facilities to make a better and bright future.

(- The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Kolwah, Baloor.)

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