Business education & Role of Students

Zafran Haider Latif Rathore
In recent times, while the corona virus has had a profound effect on the collective and individual economy, it has heated up the market for looting for all semester fees in universities of Azad Kashmir. Under normal circumstances, there are concerns between students and the university administration over fees and other charges. At times, the administration tries to allay concerns, and sometimes students are forced to protest for their rights. Students who use the university hostel facility have always demanded that they do not use university transport so they should not be charged transport charges but the university administration has always been adamant. Utility charges and miscellaneous funds from students about Ten to twelve thousand is received for each semester fee. Students always had reservations about this. But because of the corona virus, all educational institutions in the country are closed and the university administration has managed online education and at the same time the university administration is demanding hefty fees. This looting is not going on in any single university of Azad Kashmir but in all the universities under the shadow of the government and the president of the state/ Chancellor. Over the past nine months, students have repeatedly spoken out against the atrocities, but no hearings have taken place. When the President / Chancellor of the Universities of Azad Kashmir was asked to remove the additional 11,000 charges along with the semester fee from the semester fee, he announced only 2,000 concessions, ie less than eleven to nine thousand additional funds. The university had to submit in any case. The compelled students, fearing that the semester would be lost, eventually deposited the funds along with the semester fees. University students cannot present their legitimate demands in any forum for fear that their academic journey may be jeopardized. Because it is a tradition that any student who talks about student rights comes to the notice of the university administration and then the influential officers of the administration continue to make him fail in many subjects. Think of it as a dictatorship in which students are unable to speak up for their legitimate rights. Additional charges are being demanded again. Fee receipts were received yesterday in which utility charges and miscellaneous funds are demanded same like previous. In a situation where students are studying online from home, they automatically arrange the internet for which money is required. Students from remote areas tend to move to areas where internet access is relatively better. They do not use the university net, do not use transport, and do not use any facilities provided by the university. Despite this, Rs 11,000 is being demanded in the form of utility  charges and miscellaneous funds. Which is not only injustice but also oppression. After discussions with the university administration, it has come to light that they cannot make any concessions without government approval, which means that the Chancellor and the Azad Kashmir government are working to raise additional funds from the students. Remember, this time the students will not keep quiet or come under any pressure. We will not bow down for fear of failure and no unsatisfactory answer will stop us from this movement. I implore the students from all over Azad Kashmir to raise their voice against the looting campaign, otherwise this cruelty and injustice will be your destiny and how long will we remain silent against injustice? Don’t you know, students, how big a power you are or are you afraid of the administration’s heinous act? But keep in mind that students are not afraid of bullets, nor can false FIRs degrade their courage, nor do they come under any pressure. Get up for your rights. If you still remain silent, this silence may be delayed again. Mr. Chancellor, the universities and the government are requesting from time to time to stop this looting and to make concessions to the students in additional charges and not to force the students to take extreme measures.

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