Meher Azeem Hakro
Covid-19, which originates in China, has completed a year. In a very short time, the pandemic has spread all over the world, showing its effects without any resistance. As cases continue to increase rapidly across Pakistan, the safest way to spend days is to stay at homyou live with. If you are spending too much time at home because of coronavirus, I would like to offer some tips on how you should spend your time in the second wave of Covid-19: As the coronavirus spreads rapidly in the country, the government has made a tough but wise decision to close educational institutions. Again, we are turning to online classes, because the only solution to prevent diseases is online education. But we do not limit students to online classes; Students should visit the websites to find out all the great information available on YouTube and countless other informational websites, which provide students with unlimited information. Many online courses are available for admission in addition to computer, in which you can also learn different language courses as English, Chinese, and Japanese. You can also learn the Quran ul karim online from home. So let's turn this suffering into a better opportunity and find new ways, new ideas and scientific knowledge for ourselves. The Internet has created many jobs for young and skilled people, and freelancing is a key component of this technology. Many young Pakistanis are currently doing freelancing and want to test their abilities and create opportunities for themselves. Learn how to use YouTube, from basics to advanced techniques, with online video tutorials and trainings. We should also learn different skills like web development, computer coding, graphic designing, e-commerce and social media marketing. E-commerce that provides home business opportunities can also be started. The e-commerce business has grown a lot during the Covid-19 regime and even in a developing countries like Pakistan; young people are doing lucrative business with very little money. Doing so will also satisfy parents with the presence of our home and we can reduce the burden of the family budget and provide financial support to the family. The current era of freelancing is a very simple and lucrative one, it is the age of technology and young people should take advantage of it. Reading a book not only strengthens thinking but also gives people a lot of creativity and ideas as well as a good book can provide insight, comfort or a welcome escape. Most importantly, reading the book and reviewing it critically is the initial stage of various competitive exams such as CSS, FPSC, SPSC, PPSC and CCA. It can also improve your writing and competitiveness. If you are now spending more time at home because of Covid-19, it will be easier if you prepare for such exams. With the advent of modern technology, access to books is easy without leaving home. In this age of social media, we have forgotten our elders and we spend a lot of time just surfing unnecessary social websites which do not help us to learn anything but adds to the psychological distress. In the current context of Covid-19, we all need to spend time with our elders and reap the benefits of their lives.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based Islamabad. )

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