A Wake up call for International Community

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Rasheed Ahmed;
Pakistan and India both are nuclear powers and the reginal peace depends on their relations. The history of clashes between both countries is more than 70 years. Pakistan has always Stances that peace is the basic tool for the prosperity of people of Pakistan and India.
But India always sabotaged Pakistan, s peace desire and destabilize Pakistan by interfering in Pakistan’s internal matters. Pakistan has made every possible effort to pave the way for lasting peace in the region but India has never responded positively to Pakistan efforts. India is on way to disturb Pakistan by patronizing terrorism and favor the anti-Pakistan elements especially in Baluchistan. Pakistan brought the proof of Indian anti Pakistan activities to the international communities many times.in 2016 sitting Indian navy official Kulbhushan Jadhav along with a big network was arrested by the Pakistan authorities.Recently the European organization Dis info Lab has proved Pakistan’s position of exposing the fake Indian network that India interferes in Pakistan’s internal affairs.
This fake network is working in 116 countries for last 15 years. Kashmir has become a flash point between the two countries. More than 8 Lac armed forces have been deployed in the occupied valley to oppress the unarmed Kashmiris, Unarmed Kashmiris are being subjected to every kind of cruelty that the human mind can think of and they are being genocide and non-Kashmiris are being settled in the valley to change the population ratio The international community is silent on this atrocity of India due to the
negative propaganda campaign launched against Pakistan through its fake news network. Now that India has been exposed by the Eu Dis Info Lab and the truth of Pakistan position has come to light, the international community should take action and especially the oppressed Kashmiris should be given their due right in accordance with the UN resolutions to decide their own future. It is also very important awake up call to civilized international community and relevant corners/authorities to take action against India to stop fooling the international community so that no such fake and baseless act could be repeated again

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