Namra Shafiq:
Here we discuss what is child abuse? And what is the mental problems of those people who abused The child? A child is a person who becomes the future of the society the progress of a society depends upon the progress of its citizens and citizens are progressive when they will be mentally healthy. But now a days on average eight (8) children’s are abused in Pakistan every day. But the question is that what is child abused? Child abuse is a kind of harm (emotional or physical) either by a parent or caretaker, neighbor or even by friends or some relatives. It also include neglect, sexual abuse or may be exploitation Since there are some many types of child abuse there are so many types of child abuse but regardless of its types Physical abuse hitting a child forcing a child to run or exercise as punishment forcing a child into stressed Emotional and psychological abuse it mean mocking a child threatening them Sexual abuse it include grooming a child for future sexually contact, rape, encouraging sexually inappropriate behavior Just because of these types of abused having a shocking result on one physical and mental health of children’s A lot of people in our community don’t want to believe that child abuse happens in their neighborhoods but it does there is so many laws but not proper work on it child abuse damages a child for life . So it is important to talk about this issue openly Childhood should be carefree playing in the sun; Not living a nightmare in the darkness of soul (Dave Pelzer). There are so many laws and help by different NGOS available like; (Panchen) Protection and help of children against abuse. (Rosina) Rosina is an organization which give awareness to child and psychological support them. (Sahel) Sahel is an Islamabad based organization which is working on child protection. Whose works against child sexual abuse. And there is so many NGOS whose works for child protection but the only one thing to do is spread of awareness to child unfortunately become very common these days the world famous zineb case from Kasur and tomography of children in Kasur are just two examples It depicts the cruel moral picture of our society. It not only one case which is reported there is so many cases like raping of children in Attack and a teacher molesting students in Mirpur has all Occurring in the year 2018 are just small cycles of a bigger picture which is far more damning. We should teach our child to speak out child abuse in Pakistan According to Shales report 65% cases were in Punjab followed 25% in Sindh 3% n Khyber (K.P) 2% in Baluchistan and 21 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir This report show that we as a whole fall to address and sort out this issue. The scenario of our country regarding child abuse is very alarming these days we should take some fruitful steps to eradicate such illness from our society . Otherwise there will be no future of our children in Pakistan According to my point of view parents play more important role in the life of their child’s If a child has good opportunities parents full attention they will be able to behave in good way In this way child learn how to regulate himself On the other hand if he/she has bad experience in life , lack of parents attention , feels insecure and afraid In other words we can say that child is abused this can be due to lack of protection or security Researchers says that the bran of any abused child  will remain in alert and alarming situation , waiting for next bad experience happen to her / his In other words the abused child is living in the State of war waiting for next bomb blast Anxiety Child will be uncomfortable So they find the society a place of terror. When these children will be uncomfortable they will not be able to cop up with society There is so many cases of child sexual abuse were reported across Pakistan following are some cases which are reported in Pakistan 1. Zineb case ( zineb Ansari is abused by Imran Ali who is her neighbor) 2. Mahwah case ( 5 Years old girl Mahwah’s 3. Huznoor case (8 Years old Huznoor kidnapped by servant of house raped and killed 4. Madeeha case (Madeeha is raped murdered and dumped in bushes) 5 Khadija Batool (Khadija batool rape by neighbor in Bin Qasim) These are those cases which are reported and there are so many cases which are not reported due to parents fear and having a lack of trust on government and these all cases show that while many children were abused at their places / homes the main and another question is that what is the mental problems of those people who abused child’s? Acceding to my point of view those people who abused child’s having some mental issues and health disorders and having a psychological problems. All those people who abused the child’s having mental disorders that affect their feelings mood and their behavior Example of mental disorder occur when these people committed those type of act and its also include depression , anxiety disorders and addictive behavior some time such kind of people committed this type of act because they have a long distance with their family they are also called evil and the question s that why they act and what was their motive The motive of these people are they wants to hurt others and Amy be desire to control someone and feel powerful and wants to manage or act difficult emotions Desire to gang status in the eyes of others and they may be abused because having no proper law it is duty of government to take different steps to removal such kinds of act and must push the culprit immediately and publicly and as per the wishes of parent not as per other who draft the constitution to please the west.

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