Intruder India

Nuclear-armed neighbour Pakistan India claiming some parts of Kashmir internationally recognised as “Indian-administered Kashmir” is constantly busy in creating unrest in the region since 2018 as more than 500 people were killed in 2018 – including civilians, security forces and militants – the highest toll in a decade, a news report said. India is not missing any kind of opportunity to hit Pakistan and its national interest and sovereignty. India now seems to be busy in damaging the Pak-China Economic Corridor. A news is circulating in the media world that, In this regard, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is personally supervising the special cell set up to harm CPEC. The cell was set up in 2015 at the headquarters of India’s foreign intelligence agency RAW. It is learned that the cell was set up with an initial investment of US 500 500 million and its job is to propose strategies to sabotage and weaken it, including sabotage operations in Pakistan. The cell reports directly to the Indian Prime Minister through Wing RAW through his Secretary. On the other hand, RAW’s budgets are unlimited and it is not accountable to the Indian Parliament. It was also revealed in the Foreign Office dossier that India has also formed a force of 700 field operators to target other projects in Balochistan. The force has been funded by US 60 60 million and is overseen by a 24-member commission comprising 10 senior RAW officers. Apparently, this 700-member force is being instructed by the RAW CPEC cell. Also a news was reported in Daily Parliament Times Newspaper that India has become the hub of terrorism in the world and Pakistan is continuously resisting against terrorist activities since the long time. Whatever the consequences of Indian terrorist activities come in Pakistan, the world has now understood that Pakistan is not the promoter of terrorism but it is India- the master mind of sponsoring terrorism in the region. The Modi Government should stop hitting Pakistan’s national interests and personal projects and should not involve in the country’s way to prosperity.

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