COVID-19, A Nightmare

Lababa Khalid;

The virus that has flipped the world upside down, COVID-19. This virus has affected everybody’s life so unrealistically that still they are in this situation where they could not believe that a microscopic virus would put their lives on a pause. I think that it is not just affecting health but is causing downfall in every aspect of life. People are going in depression, many are suffering from anxiety issues, many are not getting a chance to meet their loved ones, the one who are in abroad are stuck there ,jobless, far away from their families, like it has created such circumstances in which if you want to move forward you can’t. It is like someone has taken the remote of our lives in its hands, and we are moving accordingly. Education system is being affected the most, because education is the booster to a country, a strong pillar but due to this schools, universities,are closed and online system is not fruitful, because teachers, students are not familiar with it so it is tough for them to tackle with it. Internet issue is the most common as the students living in far flung areas , don’t have access to online education. Also affecting health as studying day and night on laptops and mobile phone is not good for our sight, There are many students who are not having individual devices at their home and it is an extra load on parents to manage such stuff because it is not necessary that all of them are having their classes on different timings, most of them have their classes on same timings so what will they do, surely they are going to ask their parents for this and it will be somehow difficult for them to fulfil, because due to corona conditions where they are living with hand to mouth, how they can manage such things immediately, this is specially the case of those who are sole bread earner of their families. Our country is underdeveloped so we face a lot of problems simultaneously. Our economy is not strong and after the emergence of this virus it is becoming worse like a fuel to the fire, It seems like we are fighting with an invisible enemy. Even if anybody is not suffering from this virus they still are in its clutches. Now the situation has reached to that level where different thoughts came in to our mind , we think that it is like a web which has no ending point as after first wave the second came immediately. We don’t know how to move forward, even if we want to we can not. The situation is so unpredictable. No one can surely say anything about this virus, thatwhether it is going to end or not. We even can not welcome 2021 with some good hopes. This virus is a booster to sedentary lifestyle which is very bad for our health. We are in mental fight too, as we see others suffering from this disease , it clicks in our mind that it can also happens to us, but at the same time our precautionary measures tend us to pacify our mind with the thing that may be we would be safe, so like it is a confusing situation where this virus is playing hide and seek. Cancer is known as the most contagious disease because it is a benign tumor but at least it has some stages, particular person go through those stages, we get to know about it, but the fact is why we are not getting out of the fear of this disease or virus is that it is like a sudden attack, which has affected our minds as well, no one was and still is in position of fighting against this. People are still in shock that what is going on, world trade, global economy, everything is on pause. Vaccines are not available yet. The biggest problem in Pakistan is that the government has to fight not only with this virus but also with the illiterate people who are just making fun of this virus and are not taking it serious. Day by day it is spreading and becoming powerful than ever, If experts are suggesting something then it is good for us. The only way to fight with this is to follow the SOP’s. Now we must develop the capacity to accept this fact that this is something life taking so we must have to take precautionary measures. We have to live with it, Unfortunately by making it the part of our lives, because it does not seem to finish in near future. “Now this nightmare is the part of our everyday sleep”.

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