Rape case in Kashmo

Hani Yaseen

Pakistan is the Muslim country and she is considered the land of pure people ,but she is in the list of those top 10 countries where raped people will not get justification and rapists will march independently.By the (WAR) War Against Rape proved that in pakistan 4 women are raped everyday approximately, 70% of women will face domestic abuse According to the fresh report that Pakistan has become a very dangerous country for women and women are not safe in Pakistan . There are a lots of cases in Pakistan such as domestic violence, sexual assault , abusing of minor girls, looting women on main roads, kidnapping under age girls and controversial of girls and forcefully marrying them .In Hyderabad Karachi , Rafiq Malik was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly subjecting a woman and her under five years old daughter to sexual assault  and was killed, After police said that it was an attack on them by one of two criminals in  Khairullah Bugti in the area of Bakshapur area of Kondkot Kashmore district on Friday. A woman said to a beggar there is a  logged on FIR at the Kashmore police station a few days ago allegedly Malik  luring take her a better place to attack her plaza in Kashmore. She exclaimed that Malik and another man were involved to her rape and kept her under-five daughter were keeping there. Furthermore, she said that they rape her as well told her to that girl would be restored to her only when she would be careful to them another woman from Karachi. According to the police team ,Malik was along walking near the Bakshapur area. Bugti take alleged or silently custody him. When police reached near the R.D 109 with its team along the Sindh Balochistan  boarder said that Malik was hit to shot . Malik died on spot and Bugti was arrested. Also Larkana DIG Nasir Aftab confirmed at the news that  Malik was killed bg the planning of Bugti. Bugti restored to firing when Malik was being taken to his custody. Kashmore SSP Amjid Ali Shakib had said on Tuesday that Bugti also raped the woman but spared her dependant the daughter. Bugti was partner of Malik of every illegal and deleterious activities. Bugti through that Malik will give the name, therefore he was shot. The FIR registered that against and mentioned that unknown person was present at that place where she was attacked. The woman reportedly declined the register her case, therefore , police had become the action of the court of advantage of the state. Pakistan will be a dangerous country for minorities as well . Mostly, minorities are the great victim of such cases in Pakistan. The rights violations of women had become the order of the day in the country.  Government has hang such draconian activists publicly . Such kind of people don’t have rights to be alive. In Pakistan everyone has the rights to be protected from all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse and UNICEF would continue to work with federal provincial authorities and communities to put in place effective preventive mechanisms and improve the safety of children.

-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.

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