Diabetes the immense issue

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Marwa Bakshe
Diabetes is a scourge underdressed in Pakistan. Thought official statistics have put the number of people living with diabetes at eight million, the actual number has long been assumed to be much higher. One recent report on this paper put the estimated number at more than 35m with 1.6m children living with diabetes. In term of percentage between 16 to 19 per cent of the population is living with diabetes on in six person with confirmed diabetes. Diabetes cannot be ignored for its long-range fatal effects on the great, kidney, eyes and feet. Moreover, diabetes intersects with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and strokes. Together diabetes with its fatal complications impose huge costs on health financing and health system. Pakistan is the country where 17.1 pre cent of of adult population is suffering from diabetes. Furthermore,the major reason behind diabetes such as lack of glucose level, smoking ,being not active are the causes of diabetes. Especially diabetes has two types which has become one of the leading issues in the world where 463 million adults are living with the diabetes and 55 million are in the middle east and north Africa. Likewise, according to the report of 2019 over 19 million adults in Pakistan are estimated to be living with diabetes .
Diabetes is such a dangerous disease that can destroy the system of the body. Moreover, this disease is going on in form 10 to 12 years and 14th November is called the world diabetes day . Diabetes is spreading nor only in Pakistan, but also in the complete world. Unfortunately, it is 148 per cent higher than previous report. Distance from home to healthcare facilities, is a cause of diabetes especially in our rural areas of Pakistan, causing delays in seeking treatment ,particularly when urgent treatment is needed and is to be highly controlled. The patients of diabetes become haphazard. For the absence of any pain which not only affects but also destroys the all organs if the body like heart attack, hair failure , brain ,eyes,and blindness just because of only damage to retina. Pmarma is the only company in Pakistan and that’s manufacturing facility is pre qualified and approved by WHO World Health Organising Geneva. Thus it is the responsibility of government to manage and nip diabetes in the bud in the country . If government wants country to be free from diabetes then government must provide more facilities related to diabetes . Diabetes patients have to be recommended such hospitals like Daw University . Daw University not only offer treatment ,but also help someone to manage the disease . To be far away from diabetes people should give attention on primary prevention with the help of lifestyle modification such as reading less and healthy, walking continuously, reducing body weight and stop smoking by this may the disease can get controlled

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