Letters to the editor



School closure issue

The difficult times we face regarding our school closure is very bad due to virus. As our reading is disturbed. The government needs to think of it since our areas online classes are not being taken due to internet problems. We know Turbat is one of the cities of Pakistan where internet types luke 3G and 4G are not restored . So I request the government of Pakistan to solve our problems. -Barkatullah Turbat.

Johar needs fly-overs

Yesterday evening, it took me 20 to 25 minutes to reach my room, while returning from “millennium mall” ; which is about 250 meters away from my residency. The millenium mall is located along with the “Saima square one mall” at Gulistan-e-johar Karachi . However , johar is commonly known as center of Karachi , because it is surrounded by ; national stadium karachi and Mazar-e-Quaid on other hand the Jinnah international airport and all prominent , public or private institutions are located around it. So ,It’s unfortunate that the center of populated city of Pakistan (Karachi) Lacks flyovers on it’s busiest roads. Due to inadequate number of flyovers here , now it has become complicated task for the inhabitants of Karachi particularly for old- aged to cross by roads .Crossing by road, now has become hard nut to crack for students and kids . It is the need of an hour for concerned authorities to look into matter and build up more flyovers to facilitate the public . Thus, the lives of kids can be secured and saved ; only by doing it so . -Nazir Ahmed Kubar Thari Mirwah.

Covid-19 cases on spike

The first wave of covid-19 ushered us in quite difficult times. The world is going to confront the same scenario as the second wave of the pandemic appears on the ground. This time, the virus is expected to pose even more far-reaching implications relative to earlier phase. Thereby, it could drift the situation towards the worst. The gravity of the other wave can be understood from the fact that 2500 people contracted the lethal disease, coronavirus, in our country only in 24 hours on Thursday. That implies how the pandemic is spreading its tentacles across the length and breadth of the country. -Aamir Ali Shikarpur


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