Fasialabad Lahore surpass Delhi


Misbah Yousuf Allahdad
If I am not wrong then that we human will claim the liability of increased pollution which is affecting human lives in a tremendous way, Furthermore, trees and forests play a vital role in the country to give us fresh air, medicine, and make the world more cooler but we have been cutting the down the trees in a large scale . Due to deforestation many issues are getting generated. Lahore and Fasialabad the two largest cities which are facing the acute air pollution problems. These two were ranked on a list in the top world’s most polluted cities in 2018. From previous week Lahore condition became worsen than before and already corona virus is spread and people are uncomfortable for this to breath properly and air pollution is making them more uncomfortable. When they come out,their eyes will apply these dust and also eye problems can occur due to this also breathing problems. Lahore people want a better solution for this 25 percentage air pollution that is being caused by transportation and not only burning crops but also there traffic on the road is rush and also it is a big problem of air pollution. Due to traffic air pollution is being occur and people are in trouble because of this nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide is being very poisonous gas. After Lahore , Fasialabad is also comparing to Lahore. If transportation will be less than also air pollution will vet reduced. The appalling smoke can be risky for the people of those cities. Mostly, air pollution is caused by transportation from industries and factors smokes in 28 District highlighted in Punjab because of weather condition smoke and chemical fumes level is being increased by burning crops. And also Lahore is included and it’s two areas such as Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur. Due to this many diseases are being occurred such as respiratory system and nervous system are affected the most and also nose and throat disease are being created. There is no best solution to solve this problem. The best solution is that to stop burning crops and not only just crops ,but also there must be less transports on the road. For making environmental clean government has to cultivate more and more trees to make air pollution reduced by this appalling smoke can be removed also fresh air can be there. Likewise, the major reason behind air pollution is not other than deforestation which is the biggest barrier to clean the environment. If environment will be dusty or dirty by this certain diseases can place in our lives. Government has to conduct such programme in order to highlight the alarming issue of air pollution which is a challenging quest to be curbed as soon as possible. Increasing garbage and appalling smell of it must be removed in the country to make the environment clean.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)


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