Group study and books


Mahlanj Nadil
It is believed that the way to get knowledge and Information is to read is an undeniably fact that for having religious, historical and scientific knowledge, one needs to be friendly with books.Certainly,One should not only read books, but also other writings like newspapers, magazines, and research papers.It is commonly said, “For writing a single book, one needs to read hundreds of books”.And, to me the best and most profitable reading method is group reading.When someone reads something, and share it with his or her friends, then that person will never forget that,Apart from this, the most beneficial thing in group study is that there we can discussion on any kind of topics and if there is an issue, they can find a suitable answer after consulting with each other.But unfortunately, this reading culture is not reflected in our Country. According to the report of Gulf Services, 75 percent of Pakistanis did not read any books out of their syllabuses.

(-The writer is freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)


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