Difference between EU Countries and Pakistan


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Assistant for Health Dr. Faisal Sultan said that Pakistan will observe “CoronaVirus SOPs Awareness Week” from December 5 to December 12 across the country. He also urged the public and provincial administration to strictly follow to SOPs related to corona virus and added that a little effort is needed to break the back of the disease. On the first hand, China’s Corona vaccine is being developed in partnership with the Beijing Institute and a Chinese pharmaceutical company, and Pakistan has also joined the trial of the last phase of the Chinese-made corona vaccine. Volunteers at the Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad are being given a test vaccine, according to Ijaz Ahmad Khan, a researcher at Shifa Hospital. He also said that the results of the vaccine can be expected in two to three months after the trial. On the other hand, Pakistan ranks 28th in the list of corona patients. The second wave of coronavirus is continuing in Pakistan, the number of cases of coronavirus here and the number of deaths due to it is now increasing rapidly. But, the statement of the head of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom last week, is confusing for Pakistan specifically as he said that for the first time since September, there was a drop in corona cases worldwide, specially in European countries due to their adherence to the strict SOPs implementations. According to Pakistan’s regular statistics and figures related to the corona cases as of 24 hours, Another 3,499 cases of coronavirus have been reported and 39 deaths occurred. Keeping in mind, Pakistan is seeing at least 40 deaths regularly in the different regions. The WHO and Government of Pakistan have appealed to the people to take all possible precautions while visiting gatherings and public places. It is also a reality that, unless the public does not cooperate with Government, the country can not get rid of this deadly disease. We should learn from European countries in this case. Because, Coronavirus is considered to be a myth for Pakistani people.


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