Kaavan in Cambodia


Why Kaavan left Pakistan? The Islamabad High Court had ordered the release of Kaavan in prevailing year’s May, after the postmortem of two dead lions in Lahore, which report showed that, the two had faced fire inside their cage, and owing to the deplorable conditions of the animals, the High Court ordered the freedom of all the loneliest animals there in the Zoo. Kaavan, a 36 years old lonely elephant’s origin from Sri Lanka, which had lived in Islamabad’s Marghazar Zoo was also released and has now safely reached Cambodia by a cargo plane. According to the news sources, Kaavan was the main attraction of the Marghazar Zoo. On 30 November, Kaavan left his 3 years home, 3 wolves and some monkeys to departure for Cambodia to live better life ahead with safety and freedom with alike friends. American Singer Cher after endeavours for Kaavan’s release, and stressed his liberation through songs, as well as spent last few days, received him at the Siem Reap airport. Why the caretakers of Pakistan left no stone unturned to injure the animals in the Zoo? Why don’t they have warm hearts for such stifled living beings? Animals are the recognition and beauty of the nation and produce attractions to the place where they live. US Singer Cher’s smiling and laughing face at the moment of Kaavan’s release from the Zoo reflects a moral lesson that how animals should be treated on the planet. The singer tweeted on his account “One of the greatest moments” of her life. Cambodia’s deputy environment minister Neth Pheaktra’s humble words for Kaavan are not surprising, instead warming up the hearts of animal lovers and caretakers as he gladly said that No longer will he be the world’s loneliest elephant, we expect to breed Kaavan with local elephants. Currently, two Himalayan brown bears; one dear and one monkey are remaining in the zoo.

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