Ex speaker Sardar Ghulam Sadiq laid to eternal rest amid thousands of mourners


Tariq Minhas;

Hajira (Parliament Times):Central Chief Organizer of Pakistan People’s Party Azad Kashmir, and former Speaker Legislative Assembly, Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan was laid to eternal rest at his ancestral graveyard in his hometown Hajeera.Thousands of mourners hailing from different segments of the society including politicians, parliamentarians, leaders and representatives of different political and religious organizations attend the funeral prayers led by renowned religious scholar Sajjada Nasheen Darbar Alia Nariyan Sharif Sahibzada Sultan-ul-Arfeen at college ground here on Wednesday.

Besides AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, former Senator Nayyar Bukhari, former Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, Senator Safdar Abbasi,  Former Political Secretary Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Nahid Khan, Former Deputy Speaker Shaheen Kausar Dar, Former Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, PPP Member National Assembly Nafisa Shah shared their utmost grief and sorrow over the demise of veteran political and prayed for the departed soul.Addressing the condolence reference speakers paid eulogizing tributes to the deceased leader.  The speakers said that the political struggle of Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan was a beacon of light for the coming generations.  It is worth to mention here that Khan started his career as a school teacher. He stepped into the politics and started his career as a district councilor and rose to the third highest position in the state.  During his political career Khan promoted tolerance, brotherhood and interfaith harmony.  Being an ideological worker he remained loyal to his party it till his death. He spent his entire life in the service of the poor and devoted his entire life to the service of the people.  The death of Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan has created a huge gap which could not be filled.  His death is not only a loss for the PPP but it is a great loss for the entire state.Of those who spoke on the occasion included, Speaker Azad Kashmir Assembly Shah Ghulam Qadir, PPP Azad Kashmir President Chaudhry Latif Akbar, PPP Azad Kashmir General Secretary Raja Faisal Mumtaz Rathore, former President Sardar Yaqub Khan, former Prime Minister Azad Kashmir and President PTI Azad Kashmir.

Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry, Deputy Speaker Sardar Amir Altaf, Government Ministers Dr Najeeb Naqi, Sardar Farooq Tahir, Chaudhry Yasin Gulshan, Sardar Farooq Sikandar, Government Advisor Zia Sardar Advocate, Former Government Minister and Member Assembly Malik Nawaz, Former Speaker Assembly Sardar Siab Khalid, Former  Ministers Mian Abdul Waheed, Chaudhry Pervez Ashraf, Javed Badhanvi, Sardar Muhammad Hussain Khan, Sardar Abid Hussain Abid, Sahibzada Zulfiqar, Shaukat Javed Mir, Former Government Advisor Sardar Abdul Manan Gohar Advocate, Chaudhry Ilyas, Sardar Bashir Pahlawan, Member Kashmir Council Pervez Akhtar Awan,  Former DIG Sardar Gulfraz, Sardar Fahim Rabbani, Sardar Hassan Ibrahim, Hurriyat Conference leader Mushtaqul Islam, PYO President Ziaul Qamar, Chaudhry Qasim Majeed, Maulana Ashfaq Rabbani, Muslim Conference leader and former Assembly candidate Kashan Masood, Sardar  Kamal Advocate, Maulana Sultan Siddiqui, PML-N Central Vice President Sardar Arzash Khan, Sardar Raees Inqalabi, Qari Naseer, Qari Hanif, Sardar Ashfaq, Sardar Sabir Advocate, Maulana Sadaqat Alvi, Mustafa Advocate, Sardar Naseem Anjum Advocate, President Traders’ Association Sardar Altaf, Javed Chaudhry Advocate,  Former Special Assistant Sardar Azeem, Sardar Abdul Qayyum Usmani, Sardar Habib Advocate, Raja Jamil, Saqib Khurshid, Zahid Sarwar, President PPP Constituency 2 Raja Shafiq Bazmi, Irfan Azeem Zargar, Muhammad Zahid, Altaf Basharat, Sardar Abdul Qayyum Advocate, Hafiz Saghir Ahmed  , Qari Ghafoor, Abdul Rahman Awan, Sardar Ilyas, Adnan Khurshid, Sardar Maqbool Shaheen, Sardar Barkat Hussain, Gulzar Rathore, Naeem Anjum Bari, Sadaqat Saleem Saqi and others.




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