Our education system needs to be transformed


Nazir Ahmed Kubar
I feel immense grieve on our rhetoric educational system ,due to which, our Carriers have been shattered. Every single student keeps their hope high to join a distinguish institution after intermediate to acquire quality education. But unfortunately, the system favours only wealthier students, where as , it discourages and disappoints the talented but poor. The crucial phase of our carrier starts at University . Alas! Pakistan could not yet brought an effective, impressive and justifiable system at this level of education. Today, in Pakistan , the top ranked universities be it public or private don’t conduct any entry test to bring a new intake of bachelor degree program. In most of institution the procedure of availing admission to aspirant of B.S degree program is considered on their secondary and higher secondary education score so – called (open merit) excluding any entry test. Following the same system the ” Quaid-e- azam University Islamabad ” named among World top ranked universities brings it’s new intake in same way. Confidently , this method of selection some how , does favours to the students belonging to Punjab , KPK and Balochistan. Nevertheless , the same system is unauthentic to the students struggling inside Sindh province , particularly to the , inhabitants of Sukkur and Larkana region. Obviously, the blunders which are committed here with students are not much hidden ; though it’s biggest blunder that yet these are not highlighted and headlined on print and electronic media. How exams are conducted and results are made ? we can name it a incredible story ! The exams period is not less than a business period to those relating to the educational boards. We have witnessed the miracles for financially stable students here and along with it have seen academically strong awaiting for any blessing in disguise to reach and secure their further carrier.Thus, this open merit policy has discouraged the large number of talented students and finished their Carriers at the stage , where ,they would have just arose more productively. Meanwhile, the inclusion of SSC and HSC score in merit selection has also affected the aspirants of MCAT and ECAT .The aftermath of this cheap and lousy method is the creative and talented students have to pursue their further education from the institution  below to their belt. The system needs to be transformed immediately to encourage and applaud the youth . Now it’s need of an hour for nation to eradicate this corrupt system ; the concerned authorities should take immediate action to bring a new system which should be acceptable to every one and applicable every where.


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