Not resources but politics decides future of the country


Muzaffar Khoso
Indeed, the development of country depends on politics. Resources have to do nothing with the development of the country. No matter how rich the country is, how much resources it has, it can’t breakthrough and make progress unless it’s resources are given in right hands. what to talk of those resources which are not used for the development of country! instead they are being availed for the luxuriance and lavishness of politician’s lives. The properties and houses of politicians looks like Paradise on the earth while the poor inhabitants seem like living in the Hell. How can we expect a person living in heaven can feel the pain and grief of a  survivor of the Hell. It is to say that a country can only gain ground when it has good political system irrespective of abundant of resources.Take the examples of Japan and Italy these both countries don’t have sufficient natural resources but they are developed. The question is how they made much development without having profusion of natural resources? – Due to bona fides and earnestness of their political system, they don’t work and make properties for themselves but for their countries. Talking about our Balochistan which has been endowed with much more natural resources than both these countries;Japan and Italy but it is undeveloped. It has gold, copper, coal, natural gas and many other important and precious element’s reserves. Leaving all behind, even Balochistan’s own people can’t make use of it’s resources. Balochistan supplies gas to whole country but many of it’s own cities don’t have proper gas connections. It is sad but true that Balochistan looks like a desert, even Sahara desert is considered better than it. It is just because of our corrupt and unscrupulous political system. Just visualise what if Balochistan’s resources are used properly and satisfactorily for it’s development. It would be one of the most developed provinces of the world. Remember government or politics is of the people by the people and for the people. We are not bounded, then why should we vote for such politicians who are not even giving us our own rights. Get rid of feudalism,don’t vote for your feudals for the sake of your ancestors, but vote for the advancement and development of the country on your own willpower.
The whole system of country depends upon its politics. Politics decides the future of the country. However, resources just give a boost up in development of the country. We can see many countries developed without resources and also many countries undeveloped inspite of a huge number of natural resources. Pakistan is one of the latter.


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