Ayshiya Themore Rape Case, That Went Unnoticed


Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
When outcry over a hideous incident in kashmore was at full swing another incident of its kind occurred in a locality of Taluka Jati District Sujawal. Aishiya Themore a young woman, 25 was Abducted and subjected to sexual assault by notorious delinquents of the area Wikyo Son of Sommar Jat and Ghulami Themore. According to the Father of the victim; He and her daughter had gone to a village that falls within the jurisdiction of Maro Bulla Khan Police Station as bond laborers for harvesting the paddy crops. After working for the whole day they stayed in  a thatched hut to spend the night. At midnight main accused Wikiyo Jat along with the co-accused Ghulami, both of them armed with sophisticated weapons barged in the hut and held him hostage. He tried to put resistance but failed and they then took her daughter away. According to local sources, Ayshiya Themore was held hostage for more than 10 days by the culprits and was subjected to sexual assault. The victim was drugged by them for keeping her unconscious with the help of a local woman Bachai themore. An influential figurehead of the area has abetted this crime and facilitated the felons; alleged Ayshia,s father. The news of the horrible incident unfurled like wild fire across the district. Taking notice of the incident SSP Altaf Hussain had directed strong action against the felons. In compliance with the directions issued by SSP, a strong contingent of Jati police led by SHO Jati Allah Bux Pariyar and Maro Bola Khan Police led by the Incharge SHO Munir Ahmed Dach raided on the hideout of accused and booked main accused Wikiyo Jat, while his accomplice managed to flee from there but was arrested later. The case was registered against them and their facilitators under the relevant provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code 1860.The victim was found in a semi-unconscious state and was rushed to the civil hospital sujawal from where she was discharged after treatment, but her condition is stated to be critical yet. Excruciating scenes were witnessed when PTI MPA Haleem Adil Sheikh accompanied by the party,s local leadership arrived in the village of Victim on Friday and met with her heirs. He provided them financial assistance and assured them that justice would be done to them. Benefiting from the emotional and heated atmosphere he also launched a tirade against the Sindh government and elected representatives for turning a deaf ear over the issue. Alike other areas of the country the imprecation of sexual abuse has left its claws on the coastal belt area of Sindh. This incident has sent a wave of fear and fright across the district that is usually considered a peaceful and harmonious district. No due coverage has been given by national media to this incident except few local channels and newspapers and it is also an awful reality. In discussion with the writer a Senior journalist of the area said; That we wish that we could have police officers like ASI Khuda Bux Burgiri so that the honor and prestige of our mother, daughters and sisters could be saved from wild beasts roaming here. it is high time to give stern punishments to the culprits so that the curse of sexual abuse could be exterminated from the society, he added.

(-The writer is a Law Student and Columnist based in Sujawal ).


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