My Hair My Rights


Asif Khattak ;
There are certain rules against having long hair in Pakistani schools. The schools management opt different ways to get their rules enforced out of which some are against human rights law. The origin of these rules was introduced in taxes,USA with the sole purpose of maintaining students hair clean and these rules were only applicable on students with curly hair,but later these were extended to every student and were adopted by many  countries including Pakistan.

Due to some negative impacts of these rules on students, some of western and Scandinavian countries abolished it. The human rights organisations support the views of western and Scandinavian countries,but regrettably these rules are still in vogue in Pakistan. During my school days,my school management do cut my hair in the morning assembly as a punishment for having “fancy and long hairstyle” although force able hair cutting is in offence u/s 337-V of Pakistan Penal Code 1860, which was repeatedly committed by my school administration During school times, admittedly, every student feels powerless before the management and surrender himself to the punishment without any resistance.

The silence on the part of the students encourages the school administration to abuse their powers. The student not only effected in his person but his education is also suffered due to the said punishment. As a citizen of Holy land of Pakistan every person should be well aware of his fundamental rights and have courage to raise his voice for the same. we should ask and request the government against the so called rules for its nullity.

(-The writer is a final year student of Law.)


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