Justice For Hayat Baloch


Sattar Samad
Hayat Baloch basically lived in Absar, Turabt. After his matric he went in Karachi for his further studies. He was from a poor family. His father works in a date farm in Absar, near his home, and collects money for his son’s studies. When Hayat came from Karachi to Turbat after COVID-19. He was always helping his father in date farm. On 13th August, he was working with his father and mother and there he was shot Frontier Corps(FC). He was shot eight bullets in front of his parents. He was a studious student in Karachi University and he was in his last year. And he had plans for CSS examinations after clearing his BS. He had many dreams for making his family and nation proud of him. He wanted to serve this country but unfortunately he was killed by the armed forces of this country. At last, I request to the government of Pakistan to have some pity over the condition of Hayat’s family, and give him justice as soon as possible.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist.)


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