Forced Conversion: Myth or Reality?


A Pakistani rights organisation, Center for Social Justice (CSJ), disclosed that 52% cases of alleged forced conversions of women have been reported from Punjab province. Particularly, teenage girls from the religious minority communities face forced conversion in Punjab. The Organization CSJ held online a discussion topic entitled “Forced Conversion Complaints and Religious Freedom” on Sunday and made the revelation that the rapid increase in the incidents of forced conversion of women, and specifically of underage girls from religious minority, and observed that 52% alleged forced conversions in Punjab, 44% in Sindh, 1.23% in federal and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa towns and 0.62% cases are reported from Balochistan, respectivel. Collectively, CSJ said that around 162 questionable conversions have been reported between 2013 to 2020, periodically. While on 26.10.2020, A Islamabad-based think tank discussed the debate Titled “Forced Conversations or Faith Conversations: Rhetoric and Reality”, and founded data of NGOs claiming forced conversion ‘unreliable’ and ‘lacking evidence’ as well as debunked the claims of several international and national NGOs that, the minority community in the country was being forcefully to converted to Islam in Pakistan and suggested that Faith conversion needs further research, because, the issue of forced conversions was being used as a tool internationally by Hindu nationalist groups Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh against Pakistan said by The Dalit activist who is also a member of the Pakistan People’s Party. What is the truth behind these facts and figures of Minority Rights Organisation Centre For Social Justice (CSJ)? Because, According to the study published by the Institute of Policy Studies, “the more disturbing” fact is that this “forced conversion” narrative was cited by the Indian government to enact the anti-Muslim and highly controversial Citizenship Amendment Act and to build international pressure against Pakistan. Is this also the propaganda of Indian State to degrade the image of Islam and Pakistan in the eyes of Global world?


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