OIC’s unequivocal support helps Kashmir issue internationalized: Masood


ISLAMABAD: (Parliament Times) The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan while expressing satisfaction over the strong and comprehensive resolution on Kashmir passed at the 47th OIC Foreign Ministers conference held at Niamey city of Niger has said that the approval of this resolution and the declaration of the conference in which the Indian atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been highlighted, have poured cold water on the excitement of Indian rulers to push Kashmir issue on the back burner.

In a statement on return to Islamabad on Sunday after leading the Kashmiri delegation at the 47th meeting of the OIC Foreign Ministers Council, he thanked the OIC and all its member states and noted that the OIC had always declared the Kashmir conflict as the issue of the Muslim ummah, and has stressed the need for its resolution in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions and the aspirations of the Kashmiri people and the OIC still uphold this principled stand on Kashmir issue.

The AJK President said that details of the Indian brutalities which the Kashmiri delegation and he himself had given during his address to the conference have been incorporated in the declaration of the conference, and we are highly thankful to the OIC Secretary-General and all member states to this effect.

Touching upon the concern of the OIC over growing hatred against Islam and the Muslims and Islamophobia in different regions of the world, the state president said that in his address and in private meetings as well, he told the Muslim foreign ministers that the worst form of Islamophobia can be witnessed in India and the occupied Kashmir, where the Hindu fanatics not only humiliate the Muslims because of their religion, faith and culture, but they have also planned to eliminate the Muslims and remove all symbols of Muslim culture in the whole of South Asia particularly in India.

Sardar Masood Khan stressed the need of exposing in the Muslim world the fascist approach of Narendra Modi and his like-minded followers of Hindutva, and for this purpose, a well-coordinated campaign is required to be launched in the entire world in general and the Muslim world in particularly so that India’s real face stands exposed before the world.


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