Homebased learning


School Education and Literacy Department issued a notification regarding homebased learning through homework, assignments, online classes and tele-learning on 27 November in Karachi. No corona-vacations have been granted to the teachers, according to the SE&LD notification. It shall be the responsibility of the institutions to arrange homebased classes if they can not facilitate the students with online classes. Here, the question is clear about, At what extent the teachers can buy wifi devices, projectors, as well as technical minds to teach the students who are mostly using data packages to operate internet activities? If the notification is not about online learning through zoom or google meetings, then what meaning can be extracted from the written order? For sure, the Teaching and Learning Method is described as online, but it also can be resolved through Whatsapp and Conference Call communication with the students for 45 minutes a day. The policy issued by the Secretary School Education Department indicates that the students should be provided with homework and assignment activities. This new mode of education learning will somehow facilitate the students in covering their lengthy syllabus. The mode should be as simple as the students can catch the ideas of guidelines provided by the teachers in physical classes. It is the responsibility of the teachers to convince the students and their parents for cooperating each other in these crucial times to save education of Sindh. As regards Primary and Middle students, and Secondary and Higher Secondary Students, they would be entertained by the teachers for only a day in the week. All the students will be given assignments through WhatsApp group created by the concerned teachers so that time must be productively utilized in the days of urgent vacations. This notification of Secretary to Government of Sindh Mr. Ahmad Bakhsh Narejo was forwarded to at least 16 bodies of the Sindh Education and Literacy Department, in order to ensure quick response later after the prescribed solutions to teach online compiled by the competent authority.


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