Racial Prejudice- A Common Curse In Sindh


Jokhio Jasarat Ilyas Sindhi
Sindh is land of brotherhood and universal love of peace where people had been living with tolerance and peace since centuries but after the Indo-Pak partition incumbent arrival of the non-Sindhi people from various parts of South Asia, the culture is changing it from peace to destruction and hatred. All wherever we look in Sindh nowadays, it is a common difference of race, colour and creed containing religious, social, political, clan and various distinctions. This is more than an alarming situation for the ancient culture of Sindh. People, who live in a family, know each other with the family and clan name. While it is not common in other places of the world. As per the sacred scriptures of Quran, castes are made only to know each other but not to differentiate for the purposes of hatred. However, it is very fine to call someone Jokhio or Soomro but it is not justice to hate any Soomro or Jokhio. All humanity is unique and a tribe of a single couple, Adam and Eve, our parents of humanity! Moreover, if you go in the rural Sindh, you will find people calling each other with the sub-castes or even sub-sub-caste like as Kalepoto is sub-caste of Jokhio which has many villages and if suppose I call Malmari my village, you will see Badlani, Janwani, Sukhiani and Leemani as the four small parts of village Malmari in which all Kalepoto live, but people hate each other and joke on each other while as their ancestors and generation elders are same! It is my experience that if anyone from a poor community comes forth on media and highlights the major significance of the village or history, others oppose him instead of applauding and appreciating the person who is intended to work and struggle for the sustainability of the village. Even Badalani are parts of Janwani and Janwani are relatives of Badlani and Sukhiani and Leemani and of Jalalji too! Then why do we hate each other if our forefathers were brothers? Why should I call someone a fool if he is my brother? Why should I hate someone if he is Sukhiani? Isn’t it a curse? This is just a single example of the village Malmari quoted here! Notwithstanding the facts, our caste and family are of reputed figure for the social cooperative lifestyle but that does not mean that we beat the bushes and not break the ice against the evils of society living in our villages since silent modes that are misleading the youth that you are bound to the specific caste of specific clan. However, Sindh is united in terms of political and social matters so why are we not breaking such useless boundaries and uniting all families together to call upon a single family system in order to create a great cultural diversity under the shadow of a single family or mono-family system instead of expressing the differences? There is a dire need to guide the generations about the unique culture of Indus valley civilization which is so ancient in the world and that is the sign of brotherhood and peace. So if racial prejudice is found among us, Sindh will never ever come forth excellent in the field of progress and development until the social differences are violated forever!

(- The author is a popular researcher of  Sindh.)


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