Letters to the editor



Talent of Baloch

Although, Balochistan is blessed with countless talented people, but they are inept to get any chances to illuminate their talents. However, Rafay Baloch, one of the residents of Balochistan, who has created an unhackable software. On the other hand, he was awarded by foreign countries too but ignored by his own country. He was recognized as one of the high Ethical Hackers of 2014. Similarly, Dr_Yar jan Abdul samad, Hailing from a far flung area of Balochistan, ‘Turbat’ is the first Baloch scientist who has been recently sent to outer space for the purpose of scientific research. It extremely hurts me to highlight that our own government is not supporting them. Unexpectedly, Balochs are still hopeful that they can still make their country’s future bright through their talents if their talents drive the attention of our government. Therefore, I request the government of Balochistan to take prompt and concrete steps in order that the astounding talents of youth must not go in vain. -Shahzaib Arz Balochistan.

Lack of water

Water is playing an important role in the world. It has the most important things for every living creature. But the people of Gawadar are deprived of this basic necessity of life. Moreover, if the people wouldn’t get water then how they can servive. The problem is going high day by day but the government is silent regarding this issue. The people of Gawadar can not take bath, wash clothes for weeks, since they are not getting clean water. People are requesting to the government to provide them water. -Sattar Samad Turbat, Kech.


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