Characteristics of human beings distinguish them from animals


Sardar Iftikhar Ahmed
Some of the characteristics of human beings distinguish them from animals and one of them is the emergence of leadership in human societies. The main task of leadership is to provide the right guidance to human beings and provide easy solutions to their problems. If the leadership is conscious, talented and honest, it works for the solution of human problems and also guarantees peace, development and prosperity in human societies. Leading human society is a huge responsibility because there are many internal and external challenges along the way that need to be addressed. Therefore, it is important that the leadership position is held by qualified people. This ability requires a lot of qualities that real leadership should have. An important feature of leadership is that the name of an individual is not leadership but the name of a party. One person cannot solve all the problems facing a society. No matter how high a person’s ability and character may be. He cannot discharge his leadership responsibilities alone. In fact, only a conscious, talented and sincere collective can provide the necessary guidance to the people and solve their problems and that is what deserves to be called true leadership. In Azad Kashmir, on the other hand, there is a misconception that leadership refers to those who, by convincing the people according to their own tendencies, consider themselves the only leaders and the people consider him as their savior. These “leaders” fool the people by giving themselves the status of real leaders. As a result, the public’s attention is not focused on interest groups that gather around different personalities. In fact, all such personalities become instruments of these groups and work to achieve their goals while at the same time fulfilling the interests of their families. The popularity of such “leaders” among the people may be due to various factors such as the preference of the ruling classes in the context of the specific political structure of Azad Kashmir, charismatic personality, affiliation with certain ruling families, successful performance in any one sphere of life, The relentless use of slogans based on public issues, mastery of the art of speech, and so on. Due to the lack of politically conscious training of the people, such “leaders” easily manage to fool a large number of people and gain blind imitation and unshakable faith from them. That is why even in this advanced age we hear slogans like “We need a guide, not a destination”. And for such a leader, the name of Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan is echoing in the houses of Azad Kashmir and it is said that he is going to play a big role in elections of Azad Kashmir due to which the vested interest groups are facing difficulties The major political parties in our country are such interest groups that gather around one or the other leader to fulfill their personal and group interests. But now that the minds of the people have changed and the people want to find a leader who can bring relief to the people. And some elements like the idea that Kashmir should provide employment opportunities as well Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Sahib is also the Chairman of Punjab Board of Investment and also the Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of panjab which is a matter of great honor for us. Now if some people do not like it, what is the solution? Umm Ilyas Hospital and others. Numerous projects are a testament to Tanveer’s personal interest. From the management of Centaurus to the security, the people of Kashmir are doing what is in their power. I am not ashamed to say that this family has played a major role in the prosperity or improvement that has taken place in Azad Kashmir today, otherwise our elder brothers would have spared no effort to keep us politically backward. All people should come out without any discrimination and welcome Sardar Tanveer Ilyas because this is their right and our duty. Some of his friends are so upset about his Azad Kashmir election that they think he will contest from one of his constituencies due to which they are making statements against him in social media and print media. According to the constitution, Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Elections can be participate from any constituency of Azad Kashmir. Whereas in the past Mumtaz Hussain Rathore and Sardar Abdul Qayyum have contested from Muzaffarabad and Shah Ghulam Qadir from Neelam. Participate in and fully represent the people of Azad Kashmir A leader is a person who, when given a responsibility or position, is capable of carrying out his duties with dignity. Leadership is not an easy and trivial task to be expected of everyone. Leadership is always faced with internal and external challenges. Only by overcoming these challenges does the leadership succeed in gaining the status of trust, stability and acceptance. Due to the many problems and challenges, it is imperative that the reins of leadership are always in the hands of competent people. The people of Azad Kashmir should benefit from his experience and politics so that new avenues of development can be opened in the region if Sardar Tanveer Ilyas is the provincial minister of the Punjab Assembly of Ministries. If they have relations with the government of Pakistan, they will act as a bridge between the government of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. If they can represent the most densely populated province of Pakistan, they will play a key role in the development of Azad Kashmir. Some non-political former job seekers may not know why they are expressing their frustration even though when there was terrorism inside Pakistan, businessmen were shifting their business to other countries, even in these unfavorable circumstances, the seniors who launched the project. If such political leaders want to play a role in Azad Kashmir, then everyone should welcome them so that construction and development in Kashmir as well as industry can be promoted in the coming elections. I choose a leadership shape that is free from corruption May Pak be the one who can better guide and serve the people and the only person is Sardar Tanveer Ilyas.

(-The writer is a A/Project Manager KAMC-MNGHA )


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