Alone in the dark


Shahzaib Arz Baluch
The novel, Alone in the dark, is an inspirational story which has derived the attention of many people in all over the world and is world wide praised. Nonetheless, I felt very much interested by reading this phenomenal and admirable story. However, this novel is written by a muslim writer namely ‘Aslam Shah’ which is known as one of his best and exceptional novels of all time. He wrote two novels. The first one is ‘Broken dream and the second is ‘Alone in the dark. This book is about a young man who is searching for his covert treasure which was stolen by the monarch of his own region while he was traveling from one place to another. In order to accomplish that treasure, he suffers through alots of difficulties and troubles but he won’t relinquish and never lose the courage. On the other hand, in this long-term journey and voyage, he seeks some blessings from the divine in the shape of ‘flying elephants’. Similarly, he was amazed and shocked once while seeing them. later, the ‘flying elephants’ offered help. But beyond any hesitation, the young man denied that leg up, thinking that “he helps himself and reach to his treasure.” As he always believed on him and on God. And later he goes in his path so as to find out his hidden treasure by himself. Furthermore, one day, he reaches in a giant forest where someone attacks on him and sadly, he loose his one side shoulder. But he does not give up and later he changes his way to Hilly where he meets with a beautiful girl and falls in love with her and they both go to a small village where they marry each other. Nevertheless, after some months. she becomes pregnant and the man leaves her. Moreover, he again proceeds his destination. And one day he goes towards a saint for getting information to his treasure. Unfortunately, the saint cannot be able to give information about his hidden treasure. After a long ago that ‘flying elephants’ again headed towards the young man. In addition, offers him help. This time the man accepts the support. And they also bring his wife and his son too. Later, the ‘flying elephants’ and the young man go for searching the treasure. Suddenly, a noisome and a deadly catastrophe arrives one day and abolishes all the elephants expect one. After that, the only ‘flying elephant’ also leaves the man and goes in his way. Additionally, the man, one day, goes towards an another honest and trustworthy saint with his wife. But the saint only gives him information about his treasure if the man provides half of his treasure to the saint. Finally, the young man also agrees with him. The saint tells him to go to ‘Iraq’ in a cave where you will get your treasure. Then he goes to ‘Iraq’ to find his hidden treasures. And finally, he gets his treasure at the end and feels extremely happy and thanks God. After that he sends half of his treasure to that saint and goes to his own country where he starts a new life with his family. In conclusion, we seek a lot of lessons from this commendable novel which has changed many people’s mind. Anyhow, whatever problems and difficulties come in our life, we must learn to face the challenges besides giving up. A writer well said that “God helps those, who help themselves.”


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