Alarming situation for the world and need of energetic world order..!!

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Raza Ali Sanjrani
Since the beginning of 2k20 till today everything in the world is distrub because of global pandemic COVID-19. Every country has got great influence due to this pandemic in various sectors mainly economy crises had deleted the all potential from all countries. In the beginning of 2k20 whole world was highly affected by this pandemic and after the great loss every country had wrapped itself in the clouds of “Lockdown” because at that time this was a one unique solution to protect from the COVID-19. Slowly the affect of this pandemic was being going to lower bottom and all countries has got success from the clouds of Lockdown but this was temporary because until vaccine is in pending. Now again second wave of COVID-19 has been arise in various countries and again government has taken decision to close all public places, educational institutions etc. This whole darama shows that world can’t move without a perfect solution which is “Vaccine” but when and where it will be announced everyone have no any idea regarding it. Now WHO has remained that the second wave of COVID-19 has been also spread throughout the world so again the little movement of the world has been stopped till the unknown period and world again around the buffering mode and this is again alarming situation for the whole world.! If we observe the every moment of this unfortunate year so we can easily analyze that this unique year of the history left great influence on the world in economy, agricultural, livestock and in many others sectors and the most interesting phenomena is that in this heart touching situation all cultural formalities and faiths couldn’t do everything for the bright future of this hurt world in this difficult and hanged period it means that ” In the ground of battle only self power and  great ideas of current modern science can do everything”. If the world remain in this condition for the long time so what will be the future picture of societies mainly those societies which are deprived from well education system we can call these societies as “Unconscious societies”. If we analyze the remark of United Nations Organization (UNO) in this deteriorate period so we can get this result that in this pandemic time the remark of UNO is not well for the nations. There are many examples are available to predict the conclusion regarding the recent activity of UNO for nations. This is true that now all nations are oppose to each other because of cultural and religious criterias so in this regard we can observe that UNO is only physically image of the one hand of nations but behind it the devil of riot destroying the structure of the world because after the second world war till today UNO couldn’t spread the atmosphere of peace around the world. Now the second wave of COVID-19 has been identified so again the world is going towards the same previous situations and it seems that again various crises will arise in different sectors and it should be noted that this pandemic will left great influence on the world which will be greater than previous one so now it’s time to create an energetic world order to slow down the motion of crises and for the perfect solution of this global pandemic otherwise the world will moves in the reverse direction. Now it’s necessary for those organizations which are developed under the ideology of peace that these organizations do something better for the world as soon as possible otherwise in this hanged period in future everything will goes down and deprives from the efficiency.

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