70 skilled Pakistani workers reached UAE to join their jobs

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Rawalpindi,   (Parliament Times)  : “Some 70 skilled Pakistani workers out of 100 have already landed in UAE 2 days ago for joining their jobs and the remaining group will fly on 29th November. These workers have fulfilled all lawful demands including Corona Tests.

Reports regarding ban on export of Pakistani workers to UAE are very harmful for the economy of Pakistan and it would lead to unrest, unemployment and poverty which is the agenda of our enemies.

This was stated by the Chief Executive Officer of Knite Human Management (KHM) SHALAAN Pakistan Mr. Khalid Nawaz who took a special training session of these workers before their departure held here in SHALAAN Pakistan office the other day. They were made aware of local labour laws and other essential behaviors including adaptation of preventive measures against COVID 19. Khalid Nawaz advised them to strictly abide by the local laws including Corona SOPs that would ensure their job security and their health as well. He also quoted a statement of PM’s special assistant on overseas Pakistanis Zulfiqar Bkhari who negated the reports about ban on export of workers to UAE. Syed Z Bkhari also paid thanks to UAE Minister of Human Resources Mr. Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli on his continued support for overseas Pakistanis and clarifying the fact that there is no ban on export of Pakistani workforce. Mr. Khalid also quoted a media report which says as “ infect, since the ban came into effect on 18 of November, one recruitment agency alone in Rawalpindi has lost 3,000 jobs which have now been diverted to India by its client”. The false report regarding ban could negatively affect the country’s economy but our government handled the issue with wisdom and timely

“Pakistani youth must equip themselves with latest skills related to IT, digital skills and others that are required in all industries”, he added saying skillful youth can seek not only their own jobs but they can also contribute in strengthening national economy. He also advised the participants of training session to observe utmost care to protect themselves as well as others from Corona virus at their job places. Coupled with this, good behavior, honesty and hard work are the best tools for their job security, he mentioned.

Mr. Khalid Nawaz said the overseas workers are the ambassadors of Pakistan and they should not involve in such activities that can led to earn bad name for them or their country. He briefed the participants about labour laws of International Labour Organization, local labour laws, rights of employers and employees and other related issues in detail. “KHM SHALAAN Pakistan is working as a search engine with regard to find out pertinent and respectable job opportunities in 17 different countries especially in GULF countries for skilled, semi-skilled and other professional Pakistani youth in abroad”, Khalid maintained. We also give full protection to the rights and benefits of overseas workers to enable them work with full concentration and devotion. He also admired the efforts of federal and Punjab governments for the expansion of professional education and skill development. We are making all-out efforts to make our youth professional experts in IT and other market demanding skills so that un-employment and poverty from our country could be overcome, he concluded.

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