PM Khan inaugarated 2nd phase of ‘Naya Pakistan-Easy Destinations, Rural Access Program’ in Lahore


LAHORE:    Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the second phase of “Naya Pakistan-Easy Destinations, Rural Access Program” during his visit to Lahore.
According to the details, under this project, 154 roads having 1076 kilometers length will be constructed across province with a cost of 14 billion rupees.
The Provincial Steering Committee will strictly observe and monitor the project while funds will be allocated based on the Human Development Index and the length of roads.
The project will be completed with ratio of 70 percent repair work and 30 percent new roads.
Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of infrastructure for the development of rural areas and access of agricultural commodities to markets terming the project as an important milestone.
Imran Khan also attended a ceremony of signing an agreement between Punjab Government and Asian Development Bank regarding financial assistance worth 40 billion rupees.
This amount will be spent for development projects related to drainage, sanitation and solid waste management in two major districts of Punjab, Sahiwal and Sialkot.


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