CPEC Second Phase



Pilot project of the “Belt and Road” Initiative CPEC has not only brought China and Pakistan under a friendship park but also has facilitated regional connectivity and economic cooperation, and has proved itself the “Flagship project of China”. Even the Covid-19 pandemic could not stand in the way of progress of the CPEC; China’s best initiative to alleviate poverty in the developing country Pakistan and to resolve job opportunities. Both the high representatives of Pakistan and China discussed the deliberate progress on CPEC as well as to explore new trade opportunities when RCCI conducted a three-day CPEC business conference titled “China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Central Asia on 16 to 18 November. Chinese six time visitor to Gwadar Port and Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Zhao Lijian said during a conference that “We are glad to see the new progress. We support the Gwadar Port’s greater role in regional cooperation on trade and goods”. What is the progress? The first phase of CPEC has been completed with significant progress made in transport, infrastructure, and energy sectors, respectively. Gwadar is the hub of business under the umbrella of CPEC. As regards Gwadar East-Bay Expressway in district Balochistan, with estimated Cost (US $ Million) 168, Project Progress Update is underway. The Project Objective according to the official website of the CPEC is: The construction of Eastbay Expressway is the main artery of Gwadar Port through which the entire traffic of port will flow. The objective of Eastbay Expressway is to provide primary connectivity of the Port & its Free Zone with the network of National Highways. Linking Gwadar Port with the main artery of national highway network and smooth logistic transportation of import, export and transit goods. The second phase of CPEC is beginning with the focus on industrial, agricultural and socio-economic developments. China is supporting the important role of Gwadar in regional cooperation, transit trade, as well as international transit activities are now initiated by the arrival of the first fish cargo for onward shipment to China. Several KEY COOPERATION AREAS of the CPEC; CPEC Energy Projects, CPEC-Potential Energy Projects, and CPEC-Energy Actively Promoted Projects are started in the second phase of the CPEC.


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