UN should deliver its pledge for holding plebiscite in Kashmir: FM


ISLAMABAD:    Foreign Minister (FM) Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said UN should deliver its pledge made with Kashmiris and hold plebiscite.

“UN should hold plebiscite in Kashmir by fulfilling the promise made by it with the Kashmiris. The onus lies on UN Security council to bar India from implementing its criminal colonial plan”, he said this in an important video message with reference to participation in 3-day OIC council of foreign ministers meeting at Niger and a letter written to UN Security Council.

He reiterated India has imperiled the peace and security of the region. India is hatching conspiracy to change the demographic composition of the region. India is committing blatant violations of UN charter, international law and Geneva Convention. India is involved in the genocide of Kashmiris and is turning majority into minority in Occupied Kashmir. The land of Kashmiris is being snatched and non Kashmiris are bring settled therein.

Owing to these oppressive moves of India Kashmiris are losing their political and cultural identity, he alleged.

India has resorted to provocations on LoC to diver t the world attention from Kashmir issue, he added. India has committed 2700 violations on LoC during this year besides martyring 25 civilians and injuring 200 citizens.

Security Council has certain responsibilities as per UN charter and resolutions. Preventing India from executing criminal colonial plan is responsibility of UN security council. The right to self determination be granted to Kashmiris.

On the other hand he said in his video message with reference to OI C Council of foreign ministers conference at Niger Pakistan has evolved certain resolutions which we intend to present in the meeting

“I will get opportunity to exchange views with other foreign ministers with reference to the issues of Kashmir and Palestine in this three days conference, he held.

He pointed out that clear stance of OIC human rights commission with reference to ongoing gross human rights violations by Indian forces in Occupied Kashmir has been coming . Several OIC resolutions on Kashmir issue are there. Apprising them the latest situation in Kashmir is my obligation.

This is proper forum to raise voice against Indian forces atrocities in Occupied Kashmir. We have highlighted credible evidence about growing Indian forces brutalities in Occupied Kashmir in a dossier some days back, he added.

The Muslims across the world including Pakistan are highly disturbed with reference to Islamophobia, he held. Pakistan stance in this respect has remained very clear and solid.


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