Letters to the Editor

Postponing of exams

Sir, covid 19 is known by everyone which is alarming in every country day by day. It is one of the big problems for students life since due to which their exam are being postponed. According to a notification the exams will be in march since the educational authorities conducted a meeting to postpone the exam but it is one of big problems for poor students who can’t attend their online classes if the institutions will be off because of unavailable Internet in Balochistan. Before 3 months ago the institutions were off for 7 months students faced problems a lot to attend their classes and to prepare for exam but they couldn’t because, the every institutions were off for online classes they could not have Internet as well they have formatted their minds. Unluckily, now for three months the students have been preparing for their exams to score good marks still the exam are being postponed. This is what is being to the students rather the leaders of Balochistan are going to reduce the education or they afraid of corona. It is requested to the educational authorities to fulfill the wishes of students and take the exam on December. -Abdul Salam, Awaran kulli.

Young generation

Of late, many videos has gone viral on social media about the closure of education institutions across the country due to COVID-19 pandemic. We can see the students are contented with the closure of institutions. Videos show that our young generation is tried of attending to their respective institutes. Some quarters of students came out on roads and chanted the slogan “Jab Tak Sooraj Chand Rahe Ga, Shafqat Tera Naam Rahe ga”, not only school children but also colleges and university students came out on roads. It is very disappointed to see that where our young generation is going on, instead of regretting for education institutions closure decision they are chanting the slogans of Education Minister joyfully. In many developed countries students found out in a state of profound grief over closure of institutes. From this reaction of students, we can observe how worst our education system is. It should be changed and also government should ponder over its education system. -Shabir Jamali Nawabshah

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